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Effective Parenting After Divorce

19th July 2010
By Paige Mercer in Divorce
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Parenting after divorce requires a plan. Both of you might be really hurting but the truth of the matter is that you are sharing children. So you must have plans of how to go about parenting them.

Child Care

With children in the picture, there must be a plan of how to take care of them. In terms of their welfare, this entails their proper attention. With all the hurt and pain related to divorce, the needs of your children should come first. They need to feel particularly loved and cared for. Your time is essential during this period. You should not be thinking about yourself during this time.

Never say negative statements about the other parent after a divorce

Your children could already be asking many questions of why mummy and daddy are not together; this could be the case if the children are not of the age of reason. When you get to see them after coming up with the plan, you should always ensure you never say negative statements about the other parent. Respect them at all times; never use condescending terms. Put this away from you.

Never interfere with either parents' time or space

Parenting after divorce may have its challenges at first. After the plans of how both of you will get to see the children, stick to the plan. If you feel that maybe the other parent has no right to see the kids because of what he/she has done, you need to let go of the conflict. You must find a way to move on and carry on. Understand that you may be divorced but you will still remain parents for the span of your life and the lives of the kids.

Children adjusting to two homes

The divorce might have occurred because of infidelity. One of the parents might be staying in a different home. Either way, the children need to feel loved and cared for. Time is essential to enable the children to adjust to the two homes. There may be withdrawal effects but never take this personally. As it is said, time is the best medicine.

Never allow children to take sides

During parenting after divorce there will moments when things may get heated. Never allow the children to take sides with either parent. Be wise; when you act in wisdom, you will not do things in an irrational manner. If you force them to take sides, once the children grow up and realize what you have been doing, it will be something that u can never forgive yourself for.

You can raise your kids even after the divorce. Parenting after divorce is not as hard as long as you follow the above tips.

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