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Parents Of Stillborn Baby Sue Physician For Malpractice In Use Of Vacuum Extractor During Childbirth

23rd September 2010
Each state has unique laws concerning medical malpractice or wrongful death cases resulting from a stillbirth. In certain states the father has no standing to file a claim, only the mother can file a case. In several states a mother is only able to pursue...
Author: J. Hernandez

Strange Divorce Stories

16th June 2010
Over the years there have been some strange stories of divorce, including some humorous reasons why people are seeking a separation from their partner. Here are some of the strangest divorce stories. STRANGE DIVORCE STORIES We've all heard of coupl...
Author: amnorge

How to Get a Mesa Divorce Lawyer

07th June 2010
There is a lot to consider when picking an attorney for the dissolution of your marriage. This choice should not be made lightly. It's a choice that can have a serious positive or negative effect on your divorce.You ought to be able to easily relate to yo...
Author: Douglas Roy

Living Together In Divorce - An Old Or New Idea?

25th May 2010
Living together in divorce is not a fad it is a lifestyle being lived by many couples whose marriage has crumbled. Divorce is hot property for lawyers these days and I bet there are more divorce lawyers than ever before. Is this modern world we live in to...
Author: Linda E Cole

Power of Attorney in India

05th May 2010
Planning for unfortunate events such as serious illness or injury is rarely on anyone's list of favorite pastimes. Sometimes, though, enduring the small discomfort that may accompany preparing for the unexpected will avoid untold anguish on the part of yo...
Author: timjhonson
Estate Planning

Make Your Last Will and Testament Now

06th April 2010
Prepare a Legal WillA legal document, last will and testament, controls the overall disposition of a person's property at death or many even provide a guardianship for children at death. Your estate includes your private and real property, savings, money,...
Author: Lemuel Nelson

Selecting the Perfect Divorce Lawyer

07th December 2009
If you are contemplating a divorce, then you must be aware that not all divorce attorneys are equal. There are, of course, some divorce lawyers that will do a better job than others. Shopping around is how it can be thought of. Look for the best value, wh...
Author: Charles Sellestor

Attendant Care Benefits and Michigan No-Fault Insurance

18th November 2009
Oftentimes, a person sustains serious injuries as a result of an auto accident, which renders him or her unable to do things that he or she was able to do prior to being injured. Sometimes, the injured person requires professional agencies to care for him...
Author: LBuckfire

Guide on Introducing a New Love Interest to Children and Family After a Divorce

21st October 2009
After a divorce children and the family need time to recover and heal from the painful emotions. If a divorce has taken a long time to become final, the people around the divorced couple as well as the couple need to have a cooling off period. You migh...
Author: Clivir Team

Family Trusts and Rest Home Fees

01st June 2009
Bruce and Julie had worked all their lives to build up their assets. They'd paid their taxes and tried to contribute to society. Bruce frequently helped his neighbours out doing odd jobs for them and Julie worked as a volunteer for the Blind Institute. Th...
Author: Paul Easton
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