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Living Together In Divorce - An Old Or New Idea?

25th May 2010
By Linda E Cole in Divorce
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Living together in divorce is not a fad it is a lifestyle being lived by many couples whose marriage has crumbled. Divorce is hot property for lawyers these days and I bet there are more divorce lawyers than ever before. Is this modern world we live in to blame? Do we have too many choices these days for our own good?

In our grandparents days people tended to stay married. They believed in their marriage vows and even if love had faded they soldiered on determined to keep the sanctity of marriage in place.

So what must they think of today's couples ending their marriages when the going gets too tough. I am sure they would tell the young ones to work through their problems and not to give up. Sound advice it is as well for every time a bride walks down the aisle these days the onlookers must be wondering how long it will last.

So what on earth would our precious grandparents make of their son and daughter in law living together while seeking a divorce? Talk about giving the poor dears a premature heart attack. Can you imagine trying to explain to the older folk that you both do not want to be married anymore but are going to stay together in the same house raising the children until a time you both wish to separate.

Would they be confused?

The interesting thing here is that this lifestyle in some ways is not that unalike the way it was done in their day. There may be a divorce decree as the difference but the general arrangement and attitude is similar.

Hard times housing prices and job losses have influenced divorcing couples to work together for the good of all. So maybe the grandparent might not frown on this new age idea but be hopeful it will lead to a future reconciliation. It is no wonder we see them as pearls of wisdom.

Telling family and friends that you want to end your marriage will always be met with varied responses so when you inform them that you will be still living together and sharing expenses some people may think you are bonkers. At the end of the day it is your lives and you should not be influenced by the opinions of others. For whenever a new idea is introduced into society the outcries are often heard far throughout the land. With marriages falling by the way side and the world in economic hardship something had to give. Couples living together in divorce may be a direct reaction not only to the harder times we are living in but also to the crumbling of marriage itself. Even though this new style of living is catching on the cynics will always be there to shoot holes through the system. Why should couples who have worked hard in their lives to gather their assets such as the family home lose it all in a puff of smoke because their feelings for each other changed? It takes a certain kind of guts to live with another person when there are differences and to be able to walk away eventually from the marriage without losing the shirts of their backs is somewhat courageous. It is so very hard to build a life again when it has been destroyed so when a couple can negotiate a successful ending to their marriage it is surely noble.

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