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Strange Divorce Stories

16th June 2010
By amnorge in Divorce
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Over the years there have been some strange stories of divorce, including some humorous reasons why people are seeking a separation from their partner. Here are some of the strangest divorce stories.


We've all heard of couples splitting their assets after a divorce. But most don't split them quite as literally as a couple in Cambodia in 2008. With some of his family and friends, the husband, who suspected his wife had been cheating on him, sawed their house in half.

A woman filed for divorce because her husband was eating too much. She claimed that by doing so he was committing a crime, and she didn't want to be his accomplice.

A man filed for divorce claiming he was allergic to his wife's sweat. When tests were performed it proved to be untrue.

In Long Island in the United States, a man filed for divorce claiming his wife had threatened him with a Samurai sword. Bizarrely the court did not deem this serious enough to grant the divorce for this reason, but did on other more common grounds.

In Saudi Arabia a man divorced his wife immediately after their wedding ceremony because his new wife's (and soon to be former wife) brother took a photograph of the couple together. No entirely sure why he had an objection to this.

A Saudi Arabian woman filed for divorce after her new husband left her at an airport because she'd been on the toilet for too long. The couple were returning from their honeymoon in Malaysia when he returned home from Kuala Lumpur airport because she had been in the bathroom for too long. I'm not sure how long constitutes too long and an acceptable reason to leave without her.


To get divorced Eskimos simply have to stop living together and they are no longer married. Now that's a lot simpler than our way.

Divorce can be difficult for Aboriginal women in Australia. She must convince her husband to agree and divorce her. There is one more simple way out though - marry someone else. They are able to do this even when already married. This will simply dissolve the existing marriage.

Divorce was very much a family thing in ancient Chinese times. It was usual for women to leave their families (and no longer have contact with them) when they married and become part of their new husband's families. If women wanted to divorce they could only do so if their family would agree to take them back. If he wanted to divorce though, a man needed his family to disapprove the behaviour of his wife. However it was simpler if he was divorcing on the grounds of adultery.

In ancient times in Turkey men had to agree to provide coffee for their wives. If they failed to she could divorce him.

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