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Bankruptcy Law

Is It Hard to Reopen a Missouri or Illinois Bankruptcy Case?

27th April 2010
Sure! As long as it is for the right reason, that is. For example, your case could need to be reopened if your creditors are violating your discharge and still trying to collect your debt. Typically, though, it is only a Missouri or Illinois Chapter 7 tha...
Author: JamesBrown
Real Estate Law

Foreclosure defense: When fighting for your home is worth it?

26th April 2010
Losing your home to Foreclosure is anyone's worst nightmare. Worse, if you are in the situation, or feel that you will likely to be soon. At some point in time, you may begin to think that it is easier to let the house go into foreclosure so that you ...
Author: Hamery

Getting Divorced in Phoenix

23rd April 2010
A divorce is not usually a consideration when we enter into our marriage vows, and it can be an incredibly unpleasant experience. However, many marriages in many areas of life end in divorce. When a marriage ends, it's essential to select the best legal c...
Author: Horace Jordan
Personal Injury

Making a personal injury claim explained

23rd April 2010
Making a compensation claim for a personal injury seems like a complicated business - and in honesty, to some extent it is. Certainly it's at least something that the average person will never have done before and those who have, hopefully, won't need to ...
Author: Mason Linger
Personal Injury

Should You Make Reporting Injuries in the Workplace a Priority?

23rd April 2010
Recently, the State requested an explanation from a company that manufactures plastic about why it did not report workplace injuries to the State's Workers' Compensation Board, which could result in their being fined upwards of $52,500. An investigation o...
Author: Carmela Martin
Medical Malpractice

Looking for a medical malpractice attorney: seek help from the right legal expert

22nd April 2010
If you are looking for an attorney to handle a medical malpractice case but know not how to choose the right one, it is a good idea to learn the basics. A medical malpractice may be defined as a negligence or wrongdoing on the part of a medical profession...
Author: Stephen
Estate Planning

102 What You Should Know About Probate

20th April 2010
Death is never easy to deal with and what to expect in probate will ease your worries and let you think only of your loved one dies. The definition of probate is the legal solution to the decedent's estate, also known as your heritage. When a death occurs...
Author: Ruel
Personal Injury

Tips on how to choose the best personal injury attorney

20th April 2010
If the cause of a personal injury is the negligence or wrongdoing on the part of another you can claim a compensation for your personal injuries. It is in such situations that you need the services of a Washington DC personal injury attorney. Injuries,...
Author: robert23
Employment Law

Why Should I Hire Employment Law Consultants?

16th April 2010
Why should any company ever hire a lawyer, unless of course, something happens to the company, or within it and the company needs one? Well that is the answer to the question, "Why should I hire employment law consultants?" We have all heard the old clich...
Author: Katrina Wagner
Medical Malpractice

About Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

16th April 2010
Doctors are an important part of life. They help us stay healthy, and if problems arise, they help us get better and return to good health. Occasionally, there may be problems which result from the treatment they give, which may end up causing more health...
Author: Penelope Stone

10 Things You Need to Know About Social Security Disability

15th April 2010
Social Security Disability Benefits Are Insurance Benefits Independent Of Financial Status. Workers and their employers pay Social Security taxes (FICA) to the federal government to purchase old age, survivors and disability insurance benefits. ...
Author: Richard Clark
Accident claims

Would you use a free accident claim lawyer?

15th April 2010
So much of what you read about on the internet seems too good to be true. So when you come across references to a free accident claim lawyer, surely there must be a catch? The answer is: not necessarily. Due to an innovative no win no fee system; it is po...
Author: saragray
Bankruptcy Law

Points to consider before choosing a bankruptcy attorney

14th April 2010
Filing for a bankruptcy is the last resort in situations where an individual is unable to repay his debts. In US, bankruptcy can be filed under the different chapters. In most cases, bankruptcies are filed under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Bankruptcy is ...
Author: Stephen
Employment Law

Take Control of Your Job and Protect Yourself

14th April 2010
Who would want to be underpaid, maltreated or abused? If you are one of the employees who are underpaid, maltreated or being abused by your boss but cannot go against their rule, then you need the help! You need a help to understand the rule of the ...
Author: Ted Albert
Business Law

A General Review Of The Legal Firm Lewis & Kappes

14th April 2010
More and more civil lawsuits are being filed today due to which many companies and individuals find themselves embroiled in cases related to real estate and business transactions. While no two civil suits are identical, the legal procedures followed are c...
Author: Floyd Carlson
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