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Bankruptcy Law

Is There a Way I Can Track My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case?

23rd March 2011
If you've filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, you probably know it will take between 3 and 5 years to receive your bankruptcy discharge if you statisfy all the requirements of your Chapter 13 plan (and in the meantime, you enjoy an automatic stay protecti...

Families Suing JPMorgan Chase Over Illegal Foreclosure On Active Military Personnel

15th March 2011
I'm proud to be an American, and I am a strong supporter of our troops fighting overseas in the War on Terror. So it upsets me to hear about the recent scandal involving JP Morgan Chase illegally foreclosing on the homes of active military personnel. In a...
Accident claims

The Differences Between Auto and Motorcycle Accidents and How it Can Affect Your Claim

30th December 2010
A dramatic increase in motorcycle accidents nationwide has recently been reported by the National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration. If you're an avid motorcycle rider you may wonder, why? Motorcycle accidents are so much more often fata...

Personal Injury Attorney Caught Stealing from Clients. What Can You Learn?

07th July 2010
A St. Louis personal injury attorney has been exposed for stealing almost $800,000 from 75 clients. His scheme was finally brought to light when Angelisa Garrett was forced to turn to the attorney general's office for help with her creditors. Angelisa ...
Bankruptcy Law

How Can You Make the Right Chapter 13 Payment Plan in Missouri and Illinois?

30th April 2010
Part of the Chapter 13 process in Missouri and Illinois includes proposing a repayment plan for your creditors and to finally get out from under your debt. Your chatper 13 payment plan must, however, stay within the rules and requirements in order to be c...
Bankruptcy Law

Can You Really Be a Success in Life after Bankruptcy?

29th April 2010
Bankruptcy can not only prevent failure but it can also be a key to success. Can you imagine how much easier it could be to follow your dreams without the burden of debt looming over you?The very second that you decide you don't want to live with the burd...
Bankruptcy Law

Is It Hard to Reopen a Missouri or Illinois Bankruptcy Case?

27th April 2010
Sure! As long as it is for the right reason, that is. For example, your case could need to be reopened if your creditors are violating your discharge and still trying to collect your debt. Typically, though, it is only a Missouri or Illinois Chapter 7 tha...
Bankruptcy Law

How Can a St. Louis Law Firm Handle a Foreclosure in Illinois?

16th April 2010
It seems that since St. Louis and Illinois are so close, the foreclosure process should be the same. Despite their close proximity, the foreclosure process in Illinois is actually a bit different. Any St Louis law firm who intends to help an Illinois home...
Bankruptcy Law

What Do The Missouri and Illinois Chapter 13 Rules Say About Filing the Right Documents?

13th April 2010
As any St. Louis, Missouri or Belleville, Illinois bankruptcy attorney would tell you, there is a lot of work and preparation that goes into a Chapter 13 case in Missouri and Illinois. Once you have determined if you are eligible and have gotten the requi...
Bankruptcy Law

Do You Have to Get Credit Counseling According to the Missouri or Illinois Chapter 13 Rules?

12th April 2010
Among the list of requirements for filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Missouri and Illinois is credit counseling. Before you can file a Chapter 13, you must complete a credit counseling course over the internet or on the phone. The counseling is simply an in...
Bankruptcy Law

Finding the Best Deal on Bankruptcy Involves More than Numbers in Missouri and Illinois

12th April 2010
Bargain shopping is a way of life for many Americans. Sales, discounts, and rebates are often the reason behind our purchases. The best deal on bankruptcy, however, may not have anything to do with the price. In fact, there isn't a whole lot of variation ...
Bankruptcy Law

Do the Rules for Chapter 13 in Missouri and Illinois Allow Me to File?

12th April 2010
Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides many great benefits to hard-working Americans who have fallen into debt like protection from foreclosure, credit card debt help, and relief from wage garnishment. To get these benefits, however, there are a few rules you hav...
Bankruptcy Law

Can I Give Up my House or Car in a Missouri or Illinois Bankruptcy?

31st March 2010
People often wonder what will happen to their property in a Missouri or Illinois Chapter 7 bankruptcy. A St. Louis bankruptcy attorney is prepared to help you make whatever decision you think is best but you do have three choices: reaffirm, redeem or surr...
Bankruptcy Law

Can Missouri or Illinois Bankruptcy Save Your Family from the Effects of Debt?

30th March 2010
Perhaps it is best to think of the negative effects debt is having on our families already instead of thinking about the effects a bankruptcy might have.The consequences of debt are often confusing and scary to children. Can you imagine havine the home yo...
Bankruptcy Law

What Will Bankruptcy Mean for My Insurance Premiums in Missouri and Illinois?

23rd March 2010
When asking yourself, "Should I file bankruptcy?" it is important to focus on the issues that are most important to you. Some wonder if Missouri or Illinois Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy will leave them with huge insurance premiums. But, instead, may...
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