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Why Should I Hire Employment Law Consultants?

16th April 2010
By Katrina Wagner in Employment Law
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Why should any company ever hire a lawyer, unless of course, something happens to the company, or within it and the company needs one? Well that is the answer to the question, "Why should I hire employment law consultants?" We have all heard the old cliché about "failing to prepare is preparing to fail." It just so happens that this is the single most identifiable reason for small business failure. The unexpected happens and in accordance with Murphy's Law, the day before you where planning to address the need to prepare for__.

Studies have shown that small businesses that experience data loss for greater than a fortnight are 80% likely to fail within one year. Imagine the impact of a fundamental change in employment law on a small business that affects half of the employees. Now imagine that it is your business and you did not catch the story. This is why the responsible and success oriented business entrepreneurs engage an Employment Law Consultant. The first key to success is the US boy scouts motto "Be prepared" But it is not all about risk anticipation and mitigation.

Recently, in the US the government announced a new program that pays up to $5000 in benefits to certain businesses that hire new employees under certain instances. If those US businesses had retained Employment Law Consulting, they would have known about the new law long before it passed and would have been ready to maximize their benefit straight away. That is the second key to success, keep looking forward. You see, most small business fail to consider the future as "todays problems are enough." This means that they will forever be behind the curve and their fellows will be forever ahead. This is one of the "ABC's of business, Always Be Considering.

So what are some of the services you should look for in an Employment Law Consultant? Well first off, they should insure that they would continuously monitor employment law to insure that you are not only compliant but also well positioned to derive maximum advantage from potential changes. They should certainly provide ongoing management of all current and future employment contracts. Gone are the days of the simple employment, what with teleworkers and contract employees and temporary workers. What about disciplinary and grievance procedures? Have they ever been reviewed? Are you at risk? They should also answer the telephone or email when you have a question. For a general package of services the charges should be fair, within the range of 125 to 150 per month for the above and related services should do nicely.

This is the 21st century, yes? Small businesses have taken to hiring other companies rather than employees to insure the proper handling of their affairs, Payroll and taxation are regularly outsourced. Human Resources are the next big thing. Well this is the one you really need. With outsourcing, you are guaranteed quality of services and work product and some tasks are just too important to allow anything less. Employment Law Consulting will be in the successful business's tool kit along with the accountancy, payroll services and technology consulting. The issue is whether it belongs in your tool kit. For a hundred or two per month you will insure that your vital operation are taken care of by a team of experts rather than trying to remember to keep up with the news.

Colaw are combined employment law and health and safety consultants based in Loughborough in the East Midlands. Contracts of Employment
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