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No Win No Fee

All you Need to Know About No Win No Fee Claims

05th July 2010
A few years ago claimants would have to pay a lot for legal services in order to file claims but these days claimants do not have to pay any legal fees while opting for legal help. No win no fee claims have given claimants the opportunity to enjoy the bes...
Accident claims

Steps to File a Work Accident Claim

05th July 2010
All employers are supposed to follow certain health and safety codes to protect the interests of their employees but at times despite following these codes, accidents at work do occur. If an employee has been injured at work due to no fault of his own and...
Accident claims

Things Not to Do While Filing Car Accident Whiplash Claims

01st July 2010
Car accidents occur when one of the drivers broke the law or when one of the drivers was not paying attention on the road while driving. In order to get maximum compensation for car accident whiplash claims the victim has to prove that the other driver wa...
Personal Injury

Tips to Get 100 Percent Personal Injury Claim Compensation

29th June 2010
Filing a personal injury compensation claim is really not hard as it seems provided the claimant has someone to guide him through the process. This article will act as your personal guide and it will elaborate on things you need to do to get 100 percent f...
Accident claims

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Accident Compensation

17th June 2010
According to the UK law when a car accident occurs, the driver is allowed to file for compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and damages to his vehicle provided the accident was not at fault. There are many guidelines for filing car accident compen...
Accident claims

Tips to Find the Perfect Auto Accident Lawyer

16th June 2010
Finding a lawyer is not hard but finding a good auto accident lawyer is a little harder than it seems. If you want to get the best compensation possible for your claim at the earliest then this article will help you understand 5 tips that can help you get...
Personal Injury

Types of Personal Injury Claim Lawyers

31st May 2010
A personal injury claim lawyer caters to various types of clients who want to file claims for compensation related to many types of accidents. Before filing a for personal injury compensation it is always advised to learn about the various types of solici...
Accident claims

How to File a Claim for Accidents in the Workplace

11th May 2010
In UK the safety of the employee is given utmost priority and to ensure that all employees remain safe at work certain health and safety laws have been created. Despite these laws at times employees do suffer work related injuries that cause the emplo...
Employment Law

Things to Do if You Are Injured at Work

29th April 2010
Injuries are part of life and while they can be prevented they cannot be completely avoided. If you are injured at work due to no fault of your own then you will be able to file for compensation for medical expenses, loss of wages and certain other things...
Accident claims

Essential Proofs to Win a Car Accident Claim

20th April 2010
In every accident claim case, there is a defendant and a claimant. If you are a claimant then you need to prove that you are innocent beyond doubt in order to get compensation for the pain and sufferings you endured. This statement applies to all kinds of...
Accident claims

Would you use a free accident claim lawyer?

15th April 2010
So much of what you read about on the internet seems too good to be true. So when you come across references to a free accident claim lawyer, surely there must be a catch? The answer is: not necessarily. Due to an innovative no win no fee system; it is po...
Personal Injury

Tips in Getting Compensation for Personal Injury

08th April 2010
Accidents can happen to anyone at the most unexpected time and place. If you happen to be involved in an accident you may want to get compensation for the personal injuries you suffered. This is not hard as long as you can prove that you are not at fa...
Personal Injury

Simple Tips in Claiming Compensation for Back Injury at Work

26th November 2009
Each injury you go through at work which resulted not because of your own actions should be accounted for and the liable party should be brought to justice. Compensation generally occurs as a must in these situations, but are you aware of the simple proce...

Benefits Of Using A Solicitor

19th October 2009
Using a solicitor becomes essential when you have been involved in an accident and have suffered injuries and want to seek compensation. Even though the prospect of using one might be a little daunting, victims don't realise how important and advantageous...
Personal Injury

Personal Injury Compensation Claim Is Necessary: Why?

06th October 2009
Everyday we hear so many stories of injuries and accidents. The news always show cases of such stories. The newspapers front pages have people dying, reporting terrible accidents and losing mental stability. Some accidents are not in our control; but for ...
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