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Immigration Law

Provide the change of address to the USCIS to avoid missing your notifications

22nd November 2011
Providing the correct address to the USCIS is very important as almost all the notifications from the USCIS are mailed to the applicants. It is the responsibility of the applicants to inform the USCIS regarding their change of address as soon as they have...
Author: Jessica Potter
Immigration Law

What to expect after filing any USCIS form?

15th November 2011
All immigration procedures require some form or the other that needs to be filled and submitted with the USCIS. Be it the application to obtain citizenship, green card or a visa, an applicant should choose the appropriate form and submit it without any er...
Author: Jessica Potter
Immigration Law

Ways to look out for the best fiancÚ immigration advisor

07th October 2011
Being in a relationship sounds great but then at times when you have a distant relationship it becomes difficult to tackle many situations. It is t this point that you will feel to also call upon your fiancÚ to the place where you are located. If so then ...
Author: Get Leads Fast
Immigration Law

How A Tampa Immigration Lawyer Can Help With Adjustment Of Status Petitions

14th September 2011
Under current immigration law, many foreign nationals who come to the United States will need to adjust the type of visa they hold in order to legally remain in the U.S. For instance, foreign nationals living in the United Sates under a K-1 visa (fiancÚ v...
Author: Florida Law Group
Immigration Law

Green Card Renewal - Guidebook and Suggestions

17th May 2011
All recent green cards have a date on them when they need to be renewed. It is really essential to make sure that you renew your green card before the expiration date. A great notion is to mark the date on the calendar that your card expires. Some individ...
Author: tierra
Immigration Law

26 The advises of global Visas at the time of contacting for the immigration delegate

11th May 2011
At the time of contacting for the Canada immigration delegate, then its membership is verified on the CSIC, the advices of Global Visas are given below: 1. Organization of a meeting like interview with an agent : It may be like as personal interview. Th...
Author: Terry
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Remarkable advantages of Vietnamese visa online

06th May 2011
Visa is nothing but simply a document which gives you a permission to enter any country you like. But not all countries require a Visa as you can travel to some countries without it just because of some kind of mutual understanding or treaty which is sign...
Author: visavietnam
Immigration Law

Advantages of immigration through an adjustment of status

30th March 2011
What is an Adjustment of Status? U.S. IMMIGRATION laws allow a person to change their immigration status from nonimmigrant or parolee to permanent resident, by applying for an adjustment of status (AOS). A great advantage to applying for AOS is that a ...
Author: bruceld9
Immigration Law

Vital tips for green card immigration

15th March 2011
Are you looking forward to get green card? Well then you need to understand the basics of green card immigration. The procedure to get green card can be a time consuming one and it is not at all simple. So for that you need to know what things you must fo...
Author: Get Leads Fast

Frequently Asked Questions in Form I-485 Procedures

09th March 2011
Adjustment of Status is the most enjoyable procedure for most aliens since this really is the final and final step in the method of getting a legal permanent resident status within the United States. This portion of your procedure belongs not merely towar...
Author: Charley Wilkins
Immigration Law

Latest Modifications to Religious Employee Visa Processing

22nd February 2011
R-1s and I-360 Particular Immigrant Religious StaffNumerous religious organizations utilize at the very least one foreign nationwide or will utilize a foreign nationwide sooner or later in the potential. When these foreign nationals arrive to the U.S. to ...
Author: Al Kola
Immigration Law

Green card address change after marring a US citizen

21st February 2011
Everyone has a dream to stay in United States of America. There are many steps to get permanent citizenship through marriage in US. One has to finish some of these steps after his or her spouse or fiancÚ's entry in US and some steps after he or she enter...
Author: Julian Marquez
Immigration Law

A Step By Step Friendly Guide For The Marriage Green Card

10th February 2011
Falling in love in the U.S. is simple. Getting married to a U.S resident is acceptable. Getting married to a U.S resident is even great but applying for a green card after such a marriage can be one hell of a tedious task. The authorities will be suspicio...
Author: Angelo Battaglia
Immigration Law

A competent Immigration Attorney

26th January 2011
Hiring process of an Immigration AttorneyImmigration laws are particularly complex and intricate and due to the current recession, a lot of alterations have been made to this law. It is really hard to comprehend this law and several people today who desi...
Author: Mario Fischer
Immigration Law

Important Information on the USCIS Filing Fees Effective Shortly

24th January 2011
Finally, USCIS has implemented the increase of filing fee to be effective immediately on November 23, 2010. The Federal Register has published about the increase days past.To be guided with the increase, here are some of the most important fees increased....
Author: Tristan Beach
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