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26 The advises of global Visas at the time of contacting for the immigration delegate

11th May 2011
By Terry in Immigration Law
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At the time of contacting for the Canada immigration delegate, then its membership is verified on the CSIC, the advices of Global Visas are given below:
1. Organization of a meeting like interview with an agent : It may be like as personal interview. The department of Global Visas of complaints advises the organization for the personal interview of immigrants so that they can meet their advisor of immigration and can discuss about their environment of work. Here the immigrants should explain his/her situation and about the targets of immigration. Mostly their questions are about immigrants work, education, age, experience for changing their present situation and the immigrants will find it with a valuable pass mark. Immigrants should ask their agent about their agenda and methods of work.
2.Fees: From the starting days immigrants must identify all matters that are related to taxes to the consultant. Normally, they should pay to its government the fees and the all legal fees. They should ask to their agent for planning of suitable payment, which pay to them only percentage of all legal fees at the time they start the proper process and amount that is remained after their visa is fully approved. The consultent also advice to immigrants agent to talk about a 100 percent guarantee of money back, that means it must be given to immigrants a return of totally legal fees if immigrants visa remains unproved.

3. The all Supporting Documents: Their spokesperson must give them a list contains all supporting documents that must be satisfied for submitting the application. After receiving the list, they must stay in a stable communication together with their agent for making clear all questions that they can have with an admiration to those documents. Since they must send all documents to their agent by courier or mail, they must confirm the agent before sending all the documents that remain fully correct.
4. Communication: The department of Global Visas of complaints always advice them that if immigrants are writing an email to their Immigration consultants than they should check agents all messages and also monitor them. Within this, they will be able to test about everything in which their agent explains that if their visas are refused and they have a full guarantee about repayment by their immigration consultant. In that kind of situations immigrants can claim to them for their money back. And if the agents are creating problem than they can complain to the department of Global Visas of complaints to get help. Immigration and Nationality has learned it that Work permit and Visa applicants may also be tricked in exposing the false documents. At various cases, all the victims may be offered a high paying job at hotel or offshore ship in Canada. They should be sure that they understand all information earlier clearly than they take any action after becoming a victim as a fraud. For more assistance contact with the department of Global Visas of complaints.

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