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Vital tips for green card immigration

15th March 2011
By Get Leads Fast in Immigration Law
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Are you looking forward to get green card? Well then you need to understand the basics of green card immigration. The procedure to get green card can be a time consuming one and it is not at all simple. So for that you need to know what things you must follow or what all things are there which can risk your chance of getting permanent residency in any foreign country.

Following are some important tips for successful green card immigration:

* It is important to know the documents that you need to attach and know their correct order as well. It is important to present all the papers, your immigration plea will not be processed unless you have provided right sort of documents. If you fail to come up with the required papers on time then this mat result in the delay of processing your plea.
* To avoid any immigration issue it is advisable that you hire a green card immigration lawyer; the lawyer will guide you well on every context.
* It is important that you tell your lawyer each and every thing, if you ever denied a visa then you need to tell this as well, if you have any crime record noted against you or any unethical thing in your record then do tell all this to lawyer well in advance

* In case of any questions regarding the immigration you can either ask to your lawyer or you can check out the website stating the immigration procedure and its highlights.
* You must not leave any empty space in your form or do not have any false assumptions regarding the form filling. If you write any thing which is untrue then you may be barred from going to the country or you may even be barred from returning back.
* It is important that in interview you behave as per the guidelines given by the lawyer; do not give false statements as this may lend you in big trouble.

Above outlined are some of the most important tips for green card immigration and it is important that you do keep all of them in to consideration. Do not overlook on any point and if you fail to know the meaning of any procedure then make your self clear in the advance only. It is better that you take care of each and every aspect of immigration so in the end all those efforts donít go in vain

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