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A Step By Step Friendly Guide For The Marriage Green Card

10th February 2011
By Angelo Battaglia in Immigration Law
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Falling in love in the U.S. is simple. Getting married to a U.S resident is acceptable. Getting married to a U.S resident is even great but applying for a green card after such a marriage can be one hell of a tedious task. The authorities will be suspicious and will not take such an application lightly. It will be well scrutinized and probably rejected a couple of times till one exactly learns of the process involved in applying for a green card through a marriage.

We have the exact step by step guide for getting a green card through marriage.

The process starts with getting married. In case you have already done this, then you need to get your marriage registered as valid and bona fide in the eyes of law. In case the person is engaged and not married then one has to either wait for the person to get married to him. Also if the engaged partner lives outside U.S., one will need to file for a K-1 visa.

After this, the applicant needs to get his immigration medical examination done by a doctor who is approved the USCIS. It may also be noted that the reports which are to be sent to the immigration authorities from the doctor's office need to be in a sealed condition.

When filling the form, one needs to be particularly careful of the documents related to getting a green card through marriage. It must consist of a marriage certificate along with the divorce papers of the last marriage if any.

File a petition for a relative and adjustment of status under the form number I-130, Form I-485, and G-325A simultaneously. Also include an Employment Authorization Form if one plans to work within U.S. It will take care of one's work permit.

Get yourself enrolled for a bio-metric test. This will almost take three months time. The inputs from one's side are over with the last step. Now, all is needed is to attend the interview.

The process may not be over just after filling an application. One may be called for an interview and may need to prove that his marriage is a valid and out of love and not only performed to get a green card. The interview can be grilling by taking individuals into separate room and asking similar set of questions. These may range from simple questions about your marriage and married life to detailed personal questions. An interviewee is also asked to bring along certain documents which can be used as a proof of a valid marriage like letters, photos, joint accounts and lease papers etc.

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