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About Me: Jonathon Leavy has long been a devoted wedding photographer for twenty yrs. He undertook studies along with the Chicago Institute of Photography and has trained photography and conversation independently and in institutions for quite some time.
Immigration Law

US Citizenship- Duties You Have As An American Citizen

11th February 2011
US citizenship is one of the most coveted citizenships in the world. The United States provides an atmosphere in which the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness becomes possible. It is this endeavor that has created one of the biggest industrial nations ...
Immigration Law

A Step By Step Friendly Guide For The Marriage Green Card

10th February 2011
Falling in love in the U.S. is simple. Getting married to a U.S resident is acceptable. Getting married to a U.S resident is even great but applying for a green card after such a marriage can be one hell of a tedious task. The authorities will be suspicio...
Immigration Law

US Citizenship- Rights conferred on the US citizen

10th February 2011
Getting a US citizenship is very much in demand. USCIS receives millions of applications from all over the world each year. But what is it about the United States citizenship that attracts people from all over the world. There are certain rights which hav...