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Company registration - Process and cost of company registration in India

23rd August 2011
To start any company in India, firstly you have to select the company name and after you have to register that company. Then you can start your business with a valid registration that may indicate your company as private or public limited company. Globall...
Author: goyalchaman
Business Law

Besides Offshore Company Formation And Registration, The Consultancies Help In Other Matters

23rd August 2011
Consultants, regarding the company formation are coming up in many parts of the world, especially in Dubai, Mauritius, Maldives, Cyprus, Seychelles, etc. Their work is to make the process of offshore company formation easier for the business establishment...
Author: vaishnavikna
Business Law

Why You Should Consider Company Registration In Thailand

16th August 2011
If you are thinking of company registration in Thailand, then you are at the very least, open minded and ambitious. Companies lacking lofty ambition are probably too scared to take any sort of a risk and expand, especially to a place like Thailand. For de...
Author: JohnCimble
Business Law

Fast, Easy and Painless Business Name Registration

08th August 2011
A business name is simply a name or title under which a person or a legal entity trades. It is sometimes referred to as trading name. If the business structure chosen is a sole trader, a partnership or a trust, and not a company then one is required to re...
Author: Joe Bowers
Business Law

Trademark Registration - The protection of IPR services is the legal need for every Entrepreneur

12th July 2011
In the modern legal world, IPR in India is Indispensable Need of the hour for legal requirements to start business legally in India. When any entrepreneur wants to start his business, then he needs IPR services at affordable price according to the require...
Author: goyalchaman
Business Law

Impotance of Trademark Registration and Litigation

28th June 2011
Trademark is a type of sign or symbol which is used by a company or an individual to identify that the products or services offered to customers come from a unique source and are of good quality. Trademark having various symbols like TM, SM, is used to pr...
Author: goyalchaman
Business Law

An insight into LLP formation!

08th June 2011
LLP or limited liability partnership is a famous acronym that is used during the company formation. In LLP, the individual members have limited liabilities to any form of debts that arise during the functioning of the company. Actually the LLP offers you ...
Author: amit
Business Law

The Importance of Management Works And Company Registration

18th May 2011
The small business enterprises are always very active in the business arena and many of those small business companies managed to make a frog leap and reached on top and dealt with their management works so efficiently that made them sustain on their high...
Author: Jim Cary
Business Law

Company Registration USA Which State Should You Choose?

17th May 2011
Choosing Which State to Incorporate Within Considering company formation in the USA? You will need to decide on one of the 50 states to incorporate within. Since all of those states are governed by the same Federal Government, then any two states shou...
Author: OAEC
Business Law

Serviced Offices Sydney - Practical Moving Saving Solution to Start up Companies

10th May 2011
In the fast-paced world today, most things revolve about saving moolahs. The recession that hit the major world economies lately taught businesses to adopt sustainable frugal lessons. For a start up business, to hire full-fledged office staff and renting ...
Author: jamesocconar
Business Law

Go through Singapore company registration details to set up your Singapore branch office

16th February 2011
Singapore is one of the most important business destinations in Asia. Unlike some of the other countries in other parts of the world, Singapore is not at all a tax haven where a foreign company establishes its entity for tax saving purposes. There are str...
Author: michaeltaylor
Business Law

Singapore Company Registration Requirements

31st January 2011
There are various business structures present in Singapore. However, the most famous type of company registered in the country is the Private Limited Company, a type of private company limited by shares and has a separate legal entity from its shareholder...
Author: Shayne
Business Law

Start A Singapore Company Now

14th January 2011
Considering starting your own business? Aside from the fact that the process is exciting, one would also consider it to be profound. Although the process is pretty exciting, it is also thorough. There are several things that needs to be done namely; filin...
Author: asiabiz
Business Law

Thinking of Starting a Company? Form a Company Now

10th January 2011
Have you considered setting up your own company? Aside from the fact that the process is exciting, one would also consider it to be profound. Although the process is pretty exciting, it is also thorough. Filing of various legal forms, sending applications...
Author: asiabiz
Business Law

Important Considerations In Locating The Best Company Registration Firm For Your Company

05th January 2011
Incorporating a company is considered to be a great step for businessmen who want to put up a business in Singapore. The successful business person would always seek the aid of an expert when entering a complex environment such as business, whether it is ...
Author: asiabiz
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