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Why You Should Consider Company Registration In Thailand

16th August 2011
By JohnCimble in Business Law
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If you are thinking of company registration in Thailand, then you are at the very least, open minded and ambitious. Companies lacking lofty ambition are probably too scared to take any sort of a risk and expand, especially to a place like Thailand. For decades, Thailand and its South East Asian neighbors have been tarred with a brush that depicts them as backward. Ignore the fact that the almost 16 million tourists who visit Thailand each year are enchanted by the country. Forget about the fact that Thailandís economy is growing faster than the recession stricken nations in the West. Who cares about their highly skilled employees with low wage demands and the low cost of living? Organizations looking for company registration in Thailand should.

Economic Sense
Company Registration Thailand is a business that is aware of the advantages of starting up an organization in Thailand and is looking to assist foreign companies that know this too but donít know where to start. Company Registration Thailand is a business that can help you take advantage of the fact that Thailand is right in the middle of the South East Asian business hub which is known for making local and foreign businesses very wealthy indeed.

The nations in the South East Asian region have recently joined together in a bid to make their nations more attract to foreign investors. Proponents of company registration in Thailand point to the new ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) agreement which includes Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. The other four nations in ASEAN are Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. They will join the AFTA agreement in 2015. The AFTA agreement has reduced the import duties between the nations to zero. This makes trade easier between the nations. This is significant for anyone looking for company registration in Thailand because ASEAN is a region with more than 500 million people and a GDP of $1.5 trillion a year.

Organizations interested in company registration in Thailand will be pleased to know that Thailand is extremely stable from a political standpoint. Thailandís government is a constitutional monarchy, with reverence for the Monarchy and the teachings of Buddhism of paramount importance. The King of Thailand has been on the throne since 1950. The AFTA agreement and stable political situation are two key reasons why Thailandís economy is growing so rapidly. An estimated 7% growth is due in 2011 with further growth forecast for the foreseeable future.

Quick Registration
Another advantage of company registration in Thailand relates to the nationís Board of Investment which is dedicated to offering tax incentives to foreign companies in a bid to decrease the nationís falling unemployment rate still further. The literacy rate in Thailand is above 92% with Thai universities producing graduates whose abilities rival those of their Western counterparts. The Board of Investment have made it as easy as possible for foreign companies to register in Thailand. Work permits and visas can be obtained extremely quickly, especially with the help of organizations such as Company Registration Thailand that offer full registration services. Companies that use this service can look forward to doing business in Thailand within weeks of applying.

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