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Fast, Easy and Painless Business Name Registration

08th August 2011
By Joe Bowers in Business Law
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A business name is simply a name or title under which a person or a legal entity trades. It is sometimes referred to as trading name. If the business structure chosen is a sole trader, a partnership or a trust, and not a company then one is required to register his business name in the state or territory in which he will operate i.e he needs Business Name Registration. One need not to register a business name if he plans to conduct his business under his partnerís first name and surname.

Legal name of business is required on all government forms and applications including application for employer tax IDs, licenses and permits. However, if one wants to open a shop or sell products under different name, then he may have to file a "fictitious name" registration form with concerned government agency.

Registration Of A Business Name is easy with which offers quick and hassle free online business name registration for Australian locales. It involves just three easy steps:

  • Providing name and E-mail Address.

  • Making Payment (online or by phone).

  • And Finalizing details and application (online or by phone).

After submitting this information, personnel at automatically reverts back within four business hours. Apart from Registering Business Name, it also offers company registration, domain registration, email-setup and website development.

After successful registration of business name, it would be time to get business permit. There are payments that apply to this stage which differ with different states. The type and size of business also determines as if how much one will have to pay for the permit.

Business registration differs from state to state so if one is hoping to set up a business in more than one state then he will have to register it in each of these states separately because of different laws and legal obligations holding in different states.

The first thing most states require is that one should have a unique business name, another importnat thing to be taken into account is that if one is investing in a foreign country, the ownership is limited and there are slots in the board of directors which are preserved for the natives of the country one is registering his business in.

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