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Types Of Accident Claims

29th April 2010
By Jessica Parker in Accident claims
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Many people think that personal injury compensation claims are normally made because someone tripped in the street, or because they were hit by another car and sustained whiplash. But there are many different types of accident which could lead to accident claims - here are some of the most common types.

Accidents at Work

Office Accidents - while an office might seem like one of the safest possible places to be, accidents can happen. These can include repetitive strain injury (RSI) from typing in an ergonomically undesirable environment, or an incident such as tripping over a wire, or slipping on a wet surface.

Industrial Accidents - diseases such as industrial deafness and asbestosis are often thought of as ‘industrial accidents', because they tend to occur as a result of working in industrial workplaces.

Factory Accidents - these can include incidents such as chemical spills but may also relate to day-to-day exercises which lead to RSI-related problems, like the use of vibrating machinery in a factory environment causing vibration white finger.

Construction Accidents - construction sites can be dangerous places, and injuries can range from those caused by faulty equipment to straining the body with very demanding physical work.

Bullying in the Workplace - Where bullying leads to psychological stress or problems with health, it may be pertinent to claim compensation from the employer.

Car Accidents

Car Accidents and Whiplash - whiplash is the most common type of car accident claim, it occurs when the head is jolted backwards and forwards at high speed during impact. However, any other injuries from car accidents can be claimed for, as well, provided the other driver was at fault.

Motorcycle Accidents - motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable on the roads, as there is less in between their own bodies and the surrounding environment, making them vulnerable to very serious injuries.

Holiday Accidents

Accidents Abroad - where accidents happen abroad, there are slightly different rules, as the claim tends to be subject to the laws of the country in which it occurred.

Holiday Food Poisoning - if food poisoning happens abroad, it is important to be able to determine where it happened, as you may have eaten out in a number of different places.

Car Accidents Abroad - as long as the accident happened in Europe, it should be relatively easy to claim compensation from the other driver's insurance company, provided the accident was their fault.

Slip, Trip and Falling Accidents

Slipped whilst Shopping - if a shop owner or manager has failed in their duty of care towards their customers, and this has led to them slipping, they may be able to claim compensation.

Tripped on a Pavement - councils are often guilty of failing to mend faults in the pavements, and injured members of the public will sometimes be able to claim if they were badly injured when tripping.

Military Accidents

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - military accidents which could have been prevented can often lead to successful compensation claims. The psychological injury PTSD is one condition which may be claimed for in a military compensation claim, along with other injuries.

Fatal Accidents

Sometimes, tragically, an accident will lead to a fatality, and in these cases the compensation will go to the family or other dependents of the deceased.
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