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Compensation Claims for Accident at Work

28th April 2010
By Jamie Hanson in Accident claims
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Accident at work usually occurs due to lack of proper safety and security measures. The standard of safety measures provided by the company may not be up to the mark, thereby creating a situation where the worker is prone to life threatening accidents. Injuries at workplace due to accidents occur when a worker has to work with malfunctioning or dangerous machinery, has not been properly trained or provided with standard safety gear, has to regularly lift heavy objects and suffers from repetitive strain injury (RSI), or has to work in hazardous environment leading to disease, deafness and other long term injuries.

It is the duty of the employer to provide a safe and conducive atmosphere for the worker to perform duties. In case the employer fails to provide the basic amenities and maintain standards of safety that increases the chances of accident at work, then it can cost them dearly. If the worker meets with an accident at workplace or suffers from a disease due to working in a hazardous circumstance leading to long-term injury, then he/she can claim accident at work compensation from the employer.

There are instances where employees face difficulty in claiming and demanding adequate compensation for injuries suffered due to accident at work. The major factor is the fear of losing their job, in case they lodge a claim. In such cases, the employer is legally not allowed to terminate their jobs or contract, and if they are threatened with job loss then the claim case for compensation will become much stronger and give rise to a claim for unfair dismissal. Employees also have insurance to cover the legal fees against such type of accidents at work place. In addition they can claim compensation retrospectively for a personal injury that had occurred 3 years ago. However, remember to report an injury at work in the accident book mentioning the date, time and place of occurrence since this is a mandatory legal requirement.

A worker suffering personal injury due to accident at work can solicit expert legal advice from a competent personal injury lawyer or legal firm to fight the claims compensation case. Professional attorneys will provide sound advice and fight the case in the right spirit and extract due compensation. An injured worker also has the option of hiring personal injury lawyers on a no win, no fee basis to fight their claims case, so as to protect themselves from paying any money to the lawyer in case of failed compensation claims. Choosing the right kind of attorney is also an important factor to get due compensation. The amount of compensation for accident at work also depends on the kind of personal injury. For minor injuries compensation is not much compared to life threatening injuries, where compensation awarded is quite substantial.

Employers are also duty bound to take out an insurance cover known as the Employers Liability Insurance. This insurance covers them in case of accident at work and if a worker makes a successful personal injury claim for injury suffered at workplace, then the insurance company pays the compensation on behalf of the employer.

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