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Car Insurance Rate - Can It Reduce After 25 Years Of Age?

24th September 2010
By Angeldom in Accident claims
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It is always amazing when you discover that your car insurance keep on increasing year in year out. You may keep wondering if this will ever reduce. Experience had shown that it is likely that your premium reduces after the age of 25 years old. This joy is short lived because as you discover that your premium remains stand still afterwards. Though in the course of time you may discover that the insurance rate start to reduce.

The main point is that the discounts you receive is not as function of your age alone. It is rather more of the year of experience which is reflected on when you processed your license. What this means is that if you just get your license at the age of twenty four years you will pay higher than some one that had possessed his license at the age of sixteen and is presently twenty two years.

If you are careful in your driving career and you receive no ticket, break no traffic law and you have total clean driving record for the period of three years you are entitled to a special discount. Your car insurance rate will reduce more if you are involved in no accident either you are at fault or not.

This attribute can earn you up to 20% discount of your insurance policy. Definition of driving experience differs from insurance company to insurance company. Some will start reflecting your driving experience from the age sixteen while other companies depend on the number of years that you possessed your license.

Age twenty five is not statutory year for reduction in your car insurance rates but rather if you had been driving earlier than that age due to your increased experience you may have reduced premium. This also had to do with your driving history,

On the other hand as you are getting older your car insurance rate increases rather than reducing. This is to the belief of the insurance firm that the increase in age leads to reduction physical and mental capacities. This leads to the belief that you have higher chances of getting involved in accident.

You know that generally that you cannot rent a car except you are twenty years old. This is because the insurance firm believes that after this age you are more careful and become a safer driver. The insurance company’s based their judgment on the data supplied while filling the insurance quote for.

Some of this information you can easily control but some of them you gave no control over. The data like the model and type of car you drive could be influenced to your favor. But when it comes to other factors like age, gender and marital status, there is little you can do about it. You know when you have the information that the insurance firm used to influence their decision of car insurance rate it will be easy for you to manipulate it to your favor.

It is better to note that factors like age, gender and marital status influence the insurance rate that you pay. It is generally believed by insurance firms those female drivers are less risky than their male counterparts. In addition when they are middle aged or married the premium they pay reduces. When it comes to young adults most especially twenty four year and under the premium is higher because they are considered riskier.

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