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Personal Injury Car Accident Victim: Do You Know Your Rights?

06th February 2012
Were you injured in a car accident or some other traffic accident? If you are, contacting a qualified auto accident lawyer is a vital initial step. Accident victims have rights. Simply put, the goal of filing a claim for a personal injury motor vehicle ac...
Author: Autumn

An Early Phase of the Divorce Steps: Helping the Parties Reach an Agreement

14th June 2011
There are several different divorce steps that you will undergo when you file for divorce, but the most important one is likely to be the ability of you and your spouse to reach an agreement before you divorce goes into court. Your willingness to work tog...
Author: Christy
Immigration Law

Important Australian Immigration Updates from April 2011 Everyone Should Know

10th May 2011
Salary Increase! The most important change for Australian and overseas company sponsors who have 457 visa holders in their employ, is the increase in the base salary for one of the three pathways to permanent residency under corporate sponsorship. Up un...
Author: Sally Webster

Simple mistakes while filing your tax return may take away your peace of mind

25th February 2011
Tax season is knocking right at your door and most of you are sill struggling to make the right choices while preparing for your yearend tax return. Shall I file my tax return as individual or as joint married filing together? Can I prepare my tax returns...
Author: greglxtrwe
Immigration Law

The Impact of Shoplifting Charges on Immigration Status

22nd February 2011
In case you are inside the US on a visa, you need to take care to adhere to the law. Any criminal charges against you are able to serve as grounds to revoke your visa and send you home.Many visa holders think what this means is they cannot commit any majo...
Author: Al Kola

The Benefits of Tax Auctions

26th November 2010
Are you looking for a good way to earn some interest on your money? If so, it’s likely that you would have some interest in a tax lien sale. A property tax auction sells the liens on property owners’ estates if they haven’t paid their taxes. Once in delin...
Author: Brent Crouch
Business Law

Nurses - Why Choose A Job As A Nurse (Get The Facts)

09th November 2010
Not quite sure what you want to do with your life, or what new career you want to begin? If that's the case and you've already considering nursing, then you're in the right place here. What you'll find is an amazing collection of positive statistics that ...
Author: bernme321
Accident claims

Car Insurance Rate - Can It Reduce After 25 Years Of Age?

24th September 2010
It is always amazing when you discover that your car insurance keep on increasing year in year out. You may keep wondering if this will ever reduce. Experience had shown that it is likely that your premium reduces after the age of 25 years old. This joy i...
Author: Angeldom

Federal Solar Tax Credits

27th July 2010
Federal Solar Tax Credits Extended through 2016 for Off-Grid and Grid tie Systems! On Wednesday, October 1, 2008, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 was signed. This act is very good news for solar customers since it contains to renewable...
Author: Marty Perdew
Personal Injury

Auto Insurance Changes In Ontario

14th April 2010
There are some huge changes on the way to how car insurance benefits will work for Licensed drivers in Ontario. Starting September 1, 2010, the Ontario Government through the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) announced Ontario Regulation Num...
Author: Henry J. Goldberg
Personal Injury

New Auto Insurance Changes In Ontario: Highlights

14th April 2010
There are some big changes to how car insurance benefits will work for Ontario's drivers. Effective September 1, 2010, the Ontario Government through the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) announced Ontario Regulation Number 34/10; which chan...
Author: Henry J. Goldberg

How to Avoid Paying Unnecessary Taxes on CDs and Bonds

13th April 2010
CDs and bonds are generally seen as some of the most secure types of investments. Certificates of Deposits (CDs) are offered by banking institutions. They offer a set rate of return for an investment over a specific period of time. One of the disadvantage...
Author: Robert Bell
Real Estate Law

Rental Property - A Simple Guide to Paying Rent

01st April 2010
It is amazing when entering the lease, how few people bother to read it. Any tenants however needs to know their rights and responsibilities under a lease with regard to paying rent. We set out below some common aspects of residential leases and their eff...
Author: Tim Bishop
Personal Injury

Make An Eligible Claim Even If Your Lawyer Is Working On A

22nd March 2010
If you have been injured in an accident because of the negligence or deliberate act of someone else, there is some great news for you. Did you know that there are, today, many UK lawyers who are offering their legal services on a "No Win No Fee"...
Author: Wilson

Steps to Success: Alternative Minimum Tax Planning

08th June 2009
In the legislative environment in which we currently find ourselves, significant changes affecting the taxation of individuals - that's you and me - are expected to be made, and to be made soon. All of this activity likely will also have a dramatic impac...
Author: kinal