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ICBC Hit And Run

26th September 2011
A hit and run accident occurs when you are struck by another motorist, who then flees the scene before you are able to ascertain their identity. When this occurs, many people are of the belief that they cannot make a claim for personal injuries. Such is n...
Author: Glenn Veale
Business Law

Do you need Help for Refrigerator Repair in Las Vegas?

17th June 2011
It is a common belief that residential services in Las Vegas are of international Standards and covers a wide range i.e. from housing to plumbing everything comes under this category and so is the appliance repair services. These services not only fix the...
Author: Amy Adams

Back Taxes Help: What Is an Offer in Compromise and What Does It Mean for My Tax Debt?

06th April 2011
Back taxes can be a huge weight over your head. However, there are ways to get back tax relief, including an offer in compromise. Here we explore what an offer in compromise is and how it can help with your state or IRS back taxes. Do you owe back taxes?...
Author: Rebecca Paul
Real Estate Law

Conveyancing - If you plan on buying a house you will need representation

18th February 2011
There are many aspects and factors associated with buying and selling property and estates. Under law, transferring the authorized title of a property from one person to another person is referred to as conveyancing. Mortgage or lien call for a different...
Author: luke.raper
Personal Injury

Personal Injury - Five Terms You Should Know Before You Hire a Lawyer

26th November 2010
If you don’t know exactly the legal laws of land about personal injury, actually it happens most of the people know the existence of personal injury law but they don’t know how this knowledge could benefit them when actual incident happens with them. If y...
Author: Amili
Copyright & Trademark

Copyright: The common misconception

27th September 2010
Of all the IP laws, copyright is the most wide ranging in scope and application, and hence important for business owners to understand. Obviously, if yours is an industry, like music or technology, where copyright plays a central part, you will need to k...
Author: Shireen Smith
Accident claims

Car Insurance Rate - Can It Reduce After 25 Years Of Age?

24th September 2010
It is always amazing when you discover that your car insurance keep on increasing year in year out. You may keep wondering if this will ever reduce. Experience had shown that it is likely that your premium reduces after the age of 25 years old. This joy i...
Author: Angeldom

Advantages and Drawbacks of a Litigation Process – In Comparison With Arbitration

13th April 2010
Litigation law usually relates to the entire process of filing a lawsuit at a court, investigation and motion practice, trials, judgments or the final verdict and awards of damages. Litigation is always considered to be faster, cheaper and better than an ...
Author: Robert Bell
Family Law

"Pit Bull" Attorneys And Family Law

31st March 2010
Many people hold the unfortunate belief that when they become involved in a lawsuit - including divorce - they need to find a lawyer who is a "fighter," or "pit bull" (i.e., like the dog bred specifically to fight other dogs). Since legal disputes are adv...
Author: Mark Baer

A “Successful” Divorce… Is It Possible, And What Does It Mean?

08th March 2010
Welcome to this exclusive article discussing the issue of divorce and what it means to achieve a "successful divorce". I know that can sound like a complete oxymoron, a contradiction… after all, how can a divorce be "successful"? We associate divorce...
Author: karlrisse

3 Tips to Reduce Self-Employment Tax

27th March 2009
It is easy to see why a self-employed individual would see the self-employment (SE) tax as unfair. While in an organization, that same employee would have to pay taxes amounting to roughly 7.65 percent. However, as a self-employed individual, those same f...
Author: Ron Finkelstein

theft act

28th March 2008
Question 1 - Section 1(1) Theft Act 1968 Jo can be charged with theft under sec1(1) Theft Act 1968 when she altered the price label of a bottle if jam. Penalty is maximum 7 years imprisonment. AR is appropriate property belonging to another. Under s...
Author: seventeen,sue