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22nd September 2010
By R Hardman in Accident claims
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An accident is always a painful experience. Apart from the suffering, time lost in recovery and economic loss, there are medical bills to attend to. Its not easy to get full compensation for the loss suffered. So how can you be sure you get justice. Read on to find out.

It can happen in any park, footpath, store, restaurant or public building. A wet floor, spilt foodstuffs, a raised manhole or crack in the pavement, and you could end up in casualty - as do thousands of people every year - with the inevitable consequences an injury causes.

And if negligence can be proved on the part of those responsible for the property, you will receive fair compensation, as well as recouping any loss of income and other costs incurred because of your injuries.

All public and commercial premises are subject to Health & Safety laws, by which owners and local authorities are obligated to keep areas free from hazards and obstructions.

However, due to a dramatic rise in compensation claims, local authorities are fighting back, making it more difficult than ever to obtain compensation. This is why you need a highly professional legal team behind you, a panel of lawyers qualified to deal with specialised claims such as these.

Having looked at all the circumstances of your accident, we'll decide whether you have a bone fide case, whereupon our experienced solicitors will do everything in their power to achieve the maxim compensation for your injuries. This will take into account the pain and suffering you've endured as a direct result of the injuries, medical and travelling bills, loss of earnings and the cost of home care if required.


* Losing your footing due to slippery surfaces, wet floors and spills

* Tripping over raised or crack pavements and potholes

* Falling down steps that are uneven, slippery or obstructed

The article has been written by Rob Hardman, a freelance writer, from the past five years. This article is written for, an Accident Claims Specialists in UK.
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