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Green Card Application

13th October 2010
By brentwood in Immigration Law
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A Green Card is an authorization which serves as a proof that the individual has the rights to live and work permanently in the United States. A person with a valid Green Card also means that he/she is registered in the U.S. in accordance with United States immigration law. The Green Card does not affect the individual’s current citizenship, but allows the individual to apply for US citizenship at a later stage when the individual becomes eligible for citizenship. The Green Card gives freedom to travel in and out of United States with few specific conditions, allows to seek employment and helps to pursue education.

There are certain conditions and categories applied by USCIS to obtain the Green Card. There are various ways in obtaining the Green Card. Most people obtain green card through family members, based on employment in the United States, through green card lottery program or through marriage to a US Citizen or permanent resident.

green card

There are various categories based on which an individual may apply for green card. The various categories are listed below.

Family Based greencard

Employment Based greencard

Green Card lottery

Investors Green Card

Green Card through Adoption

Green Card through Registry

Private Bill




Special Immigrants

Individuals must carefully choose the category through which they may apply for green card. They must determine which green card category is best suitable. Also they must ensure that the are eligible to apply for green card. An individual must go through a three step process to obtain the green card.

1. The first step is filing the green card petition . This must be filed by the family member or by the US Employer. The USCIS will then review the application along with the documents provided.
2. If the application is approved by USCIS, then a visa number will be made available for the individual. If the visa number is received by the individual then it means the individual has been assigned an Immigrant visa.
3. If the individual is within United States during the application process, he/she may adjust the status after the visa number is made available for the user. If the individual is outside United States during the application process, then he/she must go through consular processing in a US embassy or consulate in his/her home country.

The requirements may differ slightly for each category. The basic requirements includes a passport, three photographs, birth certificates, marriage certificate, divorce certificate (if applicable), death certificates (if applicable), proof of financial support, and medical examination certificate.

The applicant will be asked to appear for an interview where basic questions regarding the green card petition will be asked. Some will be on the basis and reason for the green card application, the nature of the work in the U.S. (if obtaining green card through employment) and details of the family and background. The applicants must take along all necessary original documents and their copies with them to the interview. The decision on the application will be notified in writing.

Green Card Application
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