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Why is it important to make a personal visit to the self storage?

16th March 2011
By Grace Self Storage in Business Law
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Whenever you need to find the self storage units, you invariably search for the same on the internet or ask a friend, relation or neighbour about the same. While this might be a good way to search the storage space in the first instance, to select a few by a process of elimination, you shall not depend completely on what you see on the internet. Rather, you shall use the internet searches to find the facilities they provide and shortlist a few of them. Thereafter, it is important that you go and make a personal visit to these facilities to verify their claims.
What shall you look for in that storage unit? First of all, it is very important that you look for the surrounding and the extent of security and cleanliness prevalent there. You must avoid the areas which are inhabited by hostile neighbourhoods. Is it located at a place where the surrounding weather conditions could be harmful for the belongings which you want to keep? If that is the case, then what are the measures taken by these self storage units to protect against the same? Does it have the humidifiers or the central heating or proper ventilation ducts to protect against the humid and adverse temperature conditions?

You shall also check for the entry level restrictions which are in place at the self storage space. Does it have the modern electronic gadgets installed, like the access control devices, electronic doors, etc? Does it have the CCTV cameras positioned in the right places and at right angles so as to cover the whole areas? Merely having these electronic devices is not sufficient. You must also check whether these are functional or not. You shall also find out whether there are sufficient numbers of security staff apart from the different caretakers and managers of the facility. You can also find whether the access to the storage units is sufficient for the truck to come and park for loading or unloading purposes.

Making a visit can also enable you to have a first hand view of the managerial practices and policies of the facility and check whether the same are followed in the letter and spirit. For example, you can know how frequently the security staff is rotated, how frequently the different devices are checked and many other points can be ascertained by going there. Whatever these self storage units claim on the internet by way of their websites, can be verified by going there. There could be many things which are not provided for on the website and can be ascertained by talking to the people there. Website information is essentially for promotional purposes which may be half true or even untrue.

Since you would be keeping the belongings of your household or office, or even your automobile or any other material in the safety and protection of a self storage space for a period of time, it becomes important to have a look at the reality of the functioning of these place.
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