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Winning Social Security Disability Benefits in Kailua is Getting More and More Difficult

05th December 2016
By Social Security Disability Lawyers in Personal Injury
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According to the Social Security Administration's (SSA) most recent statistics (2010-2012), approval of disability benefits dropped by 56,000. The SSA doesn't expect this decline to improve. This means it's getting more difficult for you to win disability benefits.

So what can you do?

First, you should know that most people are denied the first time they apply. But you can hire a Kailua disability attorney like Danielle Beaver or Frank Ury to help you appeal. The SSA's statistics show you have an improved chance of winning disability benefits if you hire a lawyer. And if you don't win benefits - you pay no legal fees.

Secondly, if you are denied, it can take a while to go through the Kailua Social Security Disability appeals process. However, success is possible. According to the SSA's latest statistics, there are about 11 million Americans receiving SSD. The average monthly benefit paid is $1,130.

Our goal is to help turn your denial into an approval.
If you do win your disability claim, getting your benefits can take a while because of the backlog. And once you do start receiving your benefits, your case will most likely be reviewed to make sure you are still disabled.

What Should I Do If My Claim for Benefits is Denied?

You should call Danielle Beaver or Frank Ury right away.
Once you're denied, the clock starts ticking. You only have 60 days to appeal from the time you receive your denial letter.
Located in Honolulu, we want to help you get the benefits you deserve. If you live in Kailua or anywhere in Hawaii, let us focus on getting you the Social Security Disability benefits you deserve.

We'll work closely with you to make sure we understand all the specifics of your disability claim. Contact us today for a FREE consultation. If you don't win benefits, you pay no legal fees. Social Security Disability is all we do.
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