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Why You Should Never Attempt to Settle a Personal Injury Claim on Your Own

28th November 2016
By laurenDowney in Personal Injury
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You may have read about instances in which it's feasible to settle a personal injury claim without assistance and you've decided you don't need a solicitor to settle your claim.

Before you set things in motion, it's important to understand that whilst there have been many occasions in which individuals with no legal experience have successfully negotiated a personal injury claim without assistance, there are many more who've failed to settle their claims satisfactorily, if at all.
That's a risk you'll take if you decide to settle your claim on your own, and as a result, it's advisable not to attempt to settle a claim without assistance.

Insurance companies will offer you a lower amount than you're due
This is one of the most likely scenarios if you decide to go it alone. Insurers will see that you're managing your own claim and they'll offer you a settlement that's much lower than what you're really due.

You lack the experience to negotiate a fair payment
If they offer you a settlement you're not happy with they're well aware that you lack the experience to negotiate and it's highly unlikely they'll go any higher than their original offer.

Negotiating is more than a skill, not at all like bargaining at a street market when holidaying overseas, but rather one that relies upon having an informed understanding of the factors and variables involved.

You don't have access to the resources required
When you enlist the assistance of a law firm it entails much more than hiring a solicitor, you're also accessing the assistance of an experienced legal team that takes care of the paperwork, makes enquiries, arranges the assistance of medical professionals to support your claim, and so much more.

Should you choose to settle your own compensation claim, you not only deprive yourself of a solicitor's experienced assistance, you also deprive yourself of backup support.

Minor injuries could become more serious
Seemingly minor injuries sometimes worsen in severity over time. If you successfully negotiate a settlement with an insurance company they'll ensure you sign an agreement not to ask for more compensation; basically, they'll ensure that what you receive the first time is all you'll ever receive - you won't be able to negotiate another settlement.

However, if you had an experienced solicitor by your side, you'd be advised to wait until the full extent of your injuries are known and they'll help you determine, based on their experience and their informed evaluation of your situation, the most appropriate time to settle.

Settling your claim could take much longer without a solicitor
There's a lot more involved in settling a personal injury claim than most people are aware and settling your claim without assistance could take much longer as a result.

Insurance companies aren't renowned for their willingness to fork out money unless they're forced to, and whilst it might be the case that they have no alternative other than to pay you compensation for your injuries, chances are that won't take place until a court forces them to - expect to wait some time.

You might forfeit pain and suffering damages
You must understand that ‘pain and suffering' isn't something that appears in your medical reports and that successfully negotiating pain and suffering damages requires an experienced solicitor to negotiate on your behalf.

Don't make the mistake of believing that you can successfully settle your personal injury claim on your own - you need an experienced solicitor by your side if you're to successfully negotiate a settlement that enables you to recover from your injuries with dignity.

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