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Why do you require Company's Handbook?

21st June 2011
By mathewblack in Business Law
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A well written company hand book has many advantages it ensures that all the employees are getting same information and all the rules rare known to one and all. This article presents you with few important reasons as to why you require Company’s Handbook.

A company handbook not only contains rules and regulations, but also includes culture and organizational structure. For new employees handbook is a crucial tool toward becoming oriented in their new position and help in becoming effective workers.

For all the new employees they can get a hold on the company's rules, regulations as well as past history a swell.

1. You can get all the employees on the same page with the help of company book.

2. Employee handbook acts as an introduction to your company

3. This contains all the information if there are any branches of the company

4. This contains information regarding health policy of the company

5. This contains policies or expectations regarding code of conduct

6. Regarding women right's or sexual harassment

7. All rules and regulations of the company starting from timings

8. Regarding the bonus and employee reviews.

9. Dress code of the company

10. Regarding the leaves of the employees

These points are important as this will make sure that all your employees are receiving same information which will help in productivity as well as greater focus. When the employees know what they are expected to do they will work efficiently. All the employees will have a good understanding as to what company is trying to accomplish. To the last having a company hand book can save from legal issues

Make sure that your employee hand book is the first point of referral for anything regarding rules of health related issues, leaves, sick leaves, stretch leaves, maternity leaves, accidental insurances, etc. All these points if mentioned in a company handbook will avoid unnecessary referrals to the employer which will save time. A Company Handbooks serves as a bible for all the employees if they have a question they can directly check book. You can design a hand book by yourself as well however, there are also professional designers who do this, they know about the state rules and regulations law and order and they do it in a professional way which will avoid all the legal disputes.

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