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Why Employee Handbook is important for Employee?

22nd February 2012
What is an employee handbook? An employee handbook is the most important document for any new employee in a Company. It provides the employee an insight of the Company, its dealings, various policies, expected code of conduct, expectation of the Comp...
Author: ajayshirma
Business Law

Why do you require Company's Handbook?

21st June 2011
A well written company hand book has many advantages it ensures that all the employees are getting same information and all the rules rare known to one and all. This article presents you with few important reasons as to why you require Company’s Handbook....
Author: mathewblack
Estate Planning

Tree Preservation Orders Relevant to the Present Age of Rapid Development

19th May 2011
Are you wondering why the Tree Preservation Orders are needed? May be you are not, because you might think that it is yet another exercise to conserve the environment and yet another opportunity to pay “humane” tribute to Mother Earth. Well, every thought...
Author: brendarosenthal
Business Law

Why are employee manuals important?

06th April 2011
All the companies operating in the current business world require employee handbooks. This can offer clarity for the employer employee relationship. Employee manuals are of utmost significance in any type of businesses. They can contribute greatly to t...
Author: steven

New Owners for the Los Angeles Dodgers due to a Divorce Proceeding

31st January 2011
The Los Angeles Dodgers may well be offered to the highest bidder in view of resolving a divorce dispute involving Frank McCourt and his now ex-wife Jamie McCourt. This are unable to damage the Dodgers that substantially seeing that they have been a losin...
Author: Son Cummings

Contesting a Will When the Executors are Acting Badly

06th January 2011
Your brother is an Executor of your late father's Will. You have never been on good terms with your brother but the real problem is that you don't trust him. Your mother died a while ago and your brother helped your father make his Will. When your dad ...
Author: Tim Bishop
Personal Injury

What is a Personal Injury Lawyer?

14th May 2010
A Personal Injury lawyer is a lawyer who is an expert and has the qualification to give you the best legal assistance when you have met with an accident leading to an injury. All personal injury lawyers are specialized in the injury law or Tort Law. Tort...
Author: GoogleKid
Real Estate Law

Commercial Tenants - 8 Tips When Assigning or Subletting Your Lease

15th January 2010
Subletting commercial property can be legally complex. If you rent commercial property and are considering either assigning the lease or subletting it, or if you already sublet a commercial premises, you might not be completely sure of your rights and the...
Author: Tim Bishop

How to Prevent Medical Malpractice

27th April 2006
There are approximately 80,000 people and more who have died in the US due to medical malpractice. Doctors cause this and the physicians who fail to treat the patients properly. doctors and physicians might claim that this is a part of nature so tha...
Author: Karen Moris