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What Are The Reasons For Setting Up A Company In Singapore

13th January 2011
By asiabiz in Business Law
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Singapore is known to be one of the largest financial region in the world.Singapore's port is considered one of the busiest in the world. Singapore provides an amazing location for the establishment of a corporate business. Other thing that makes it amazing is that the procedure of Singapore offshore company set up is very much easy. Having said that, anyone considering establishing a company in Singapore should obtain expert guidance in advance. By that, you will be assisted in terms of legality and some financial matters.

Why are investors interested in putting up a business in Singapore? One of the main thing is that the individual has the intention to live in Singapore.In Asia, Singapore is known to be the country with high quality of living.

The taxation regime for Singapore offshore companies is very much reliable. That attractive regime applies to the individuals as well as to companies. An example of which is that there is no local tax liability on profits gained from non Singaporean sources which is subject to certain conditions. Inclusions of this are dividends and income sourced from abroad. A company incorporated in Singapore and, correctly structured, is effectively exempt from taxation of profits earned outside the republic.

Singapore provides a very easy process when it comes to company set up, but still the authorities implement some guidelines to make sure that everything would be legal so as to maintain the reputation of Singapore.

Low capital is only allowed by law. Indeed the Republic is regarded as one of the easiest places in which to operate a company from the point of view of regulatory obligations. Main requirement is that the director should be from Singapore or a Singapore resident. Even is it is easy to set up a company in Singapore, it is still recommended to ask help from a professional service provider to help you in the whole process.

Singapore is very accommodating to businesses. Office services are available via local consultants. Singapore is World Bank's easiest places to do business with in 2010.English language is only accepted and allowed in terms of documentation. While an annual financial statement must be submitted to the Inland Revenue Service, an annual financial audit is only required for companies with sales turnover of five million Singapore dollars or above. Double taxation issues in Singapore is accorded along with other sixty countries. Inclusion of the benefits a company can get in Singapore is the strong legal framework and strict protection of properties. From the information technology viewpoint, Singapore is in the top three countries worldwide. When it comes to foreign direct investment, Singapore is the third country in Southeast Asia.Singapore offshore company set up is now the main attraction for investors worldwide.

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