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Do You Qualify for Unemployment Benefit

12th January 2011
By Wade Frazier in Business Law
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PA unemployment office gives you a chance to qualify for unemployment benefits. Check if you are eligible for this benefit. There are many Federal programs for unemployment compensation by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor. However, you must qualify for this kind of benefit. In this article, we shall throw light on PA unemployment eligibility requirements. Read on to know more about this benefit.

Typically, unemployment compensation is based on two important factors, financial eligibility and benefit eligibility. Financial eligibility is checked on the basis of how long you have worked and how much you earned in the previous job. In order to check your eligibility, you must fill a form; it is a notice of financial determination. Form UC - 44F lists your employers and the amount of wages paid for each quarter of your base year. Several factors are taken into account by PA unemployment office to determine your financial eligibility. The factors include, total base year wages, highest quarterly wages, and credit weeks during the base year. If you are eligible, you will get to know the partial benefit credit, weekly benefit rate, maximum benefit entitlement and your allowance for dependents. In case, you are not eligible, you will be given the reason for ineligibility.

Apart from financial eligibility, the other method is benefit eligibility. It helps to determine if you qualify for unemployment compensation. This type of eligibility is determined based on the circumstances before you lost the job. If you have lost the job for no fault of yours, then you can qualify for the benefits. However, you will not qualify for unemployment compensation if you leave the job voluntarily. There are disqualifying provisions too and if your case comes under any of these disqualifying criteria, then you may not be able to receive PA unemployment benefits. Here is a list of the disqualifying provisions.

Disqualifying Provisions of PA Unemployment Office

Health: If you are unable to continue with the job due to poor health, then it is your duty to inform your boss about the same. They can help you by offering some alternative work. However, if your boss cannot find an alternative work for you, then you will be eligible for compensation benefit. On the other hand, if you leave work for health reasons without informing your boss, then you may not qualify for this benefit. You can confirm these details on PA unemployment website.

Job not as anticipated: If your job had promised monetary compensation but fails to fulfill, then you are eligible for unemployment benefit if you quit the job. However, if compensation is paid as promised and you quit the job without any solid reason, then you will not qualify for unemployment benefit. You can check these criteria with the PA unemployment office.

Absenteeism: Absenteeism and reporting late to work is another disqualifying criterion. If you are fired due to absenteeism or excessive late coming, then you cannot apply for unemployment compensation. However, if your employer didn't give sufficient warning and fired you, then you could qualify for unemployment benefit. Under this situation, you must have a valid reason to be late or absent.
At PA Unemployment Office you will be given information about the unemployment benefits and allowances by the state government.
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