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Hong Kong as a tax haven

18th April 2011
Hong Kong is one of the most famous tax havens in the world. Hong Kong has the following tax rates: 16.5% for companies 15% for unincorporated businesses 2%-17% for salaries Hong Kong Offshore Companies and their Tax Liability Taxes only apply...
Author: roleeben
Business Law

What Are The Reasons For Setting Up A Company In Singapore

13th January 2011
Singapore is known to be one of the largest financial region in the world.Singapore's port is considered one of the busiest in the world. Singapore provides an amazing location for the establishment of a corporate business. Other thing that makes it amazi...
Author: asiabiz
Medical Malpractice

Medical Transcription Service Providers

25th October 2010
Medical Transcription involves converting the dictated versions of the doctor or physician to electronic files or digital ones. Since in countries like US, the health sector is completely dependent on insurance, medical transcription has great importance....
Author: costello
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29th December 2009
It might seem a bit exaggerated statement but Panama lawyers form one of the largest and best educated community in Latin America. Many Panama lawyers pursued their studies in the United States and became members of the well-known lawyer associations. ...
Author: Jack Copper

Benefits of Incorporating an Offshore Company

15th February 2008
If you have a substantial level of money to safeguard it may be to your financial benefit to set up an offshore corporation to protect your assets. Put simply, an offshore IBC is an IBC that is incorporated in a country other than the one it does the high...
Author: earnest