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Finding Construction Accident Lawyer in New York

29th November 2011
New York construction accidents seem to make the news on a regular basis. Construction work is physically demanding and dangerous. Safety on the site is often overlooked by those in charge simply to keep the job moving. Even a sprain or a broken bone can ...
Author: Thomas

Scaffolding and ladder safety on a construction site.

17th October 2011
Through being a no win, no fee accident at work legal firm, we come across many injured claimants who have hurt themselves on a badly managed construction site. A large proportion of construction accidents occur due to people falling from scaffolding or l...
Author: StephLawson

When Do I Need to Hire a Premises Liability Lawyer?, ,

29th September 2010
The word "premises liability" simply refers to the liability of certain persons or entities for damages or Personal injuries to others arising from the ownership or possession of real property. It can be based on general principles of carelessness and is ...
Author: Amili
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Top 4 Construction Accident Statistics

28th September 2010
Like any other working environment, those in the construction industry may experience work accidents from time to time. If the employee’s injury can be directly attributed to the mistakes of the employer, these accidents can lead to successful constructio...
Author: Jessica Parker
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The Truth About Getting A Memphis Attorney

11th June 2010
Do you need a Memphis attorney for a personal injury case? An accident usually affects the family's finances. Filing a personal injury lawsuit is the answer. If you're in Memphis, find the best attorney. Every state has its own protocol. Find out which at...
Author: Rudy Silva
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Responsibilities of Personal injury attorneys New York

11th June 2010
When you feel that you or your family member or someone whom you love has been the victim of personal injuries caused by someone's negligence and carelessness and you can approach the personal injury attorneys to get compensated against the loss. Most ...
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Bronx construction accident attorney - Guide to fight against Loss

05th May 2010
Construction accident refers to any accident occur on the construction site. When such construction accidents occur at the owner of the site, construction engineers and labor in charge are held responsible. These people should work towards the welfare of ...
Author: martin
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Types Of Accident Claims

29th April 2010
Many people think that personal injury compensation claims are normally made because someone tripped in the street, or because they were hit by another car and sustained whiplash. But there are many different types of accident which could lead to accident...
Author: Jessica Parker

Who Assumes Liability After a Construction Site Injur

21st April 2010
Construction accidents can be defined as one of the following types of occurrences that may take place on a job site. The first is personal injury, either to a construction employee or an associated service employee. A person that is performing a cons...
Author: Ronnie Tanner
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All You Need to Know About Spinal Cord Injuries

13th April 2010
Spinal cord injury is one of the leading causes of death in the United States with over 8,000 victims each year. This kind of injury can cause a major change in the person's personal and professional life. Most of the time, spinal cord injury patients...
Author: Mesriani Law Group
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What Are The ABCs of Personal Injury Claims and Lawsuits?

31st March 2010
If someone is injured by a product that is defective in some way, or by an unintentional or careless act of another person, a personal injury claim or lawsuit can come be initiated. Then if the courts determine that someone is legally responsible for ano...
Author: Wendy Moyer
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Motorcycle Accidents and Defective Products – Important Info for Drivers

31st March 2010
You have been planning for quite some time to buy a motorcycle and now the time has come and you are down to the last bit of research. You start looking at the models that have been recalled and models that have had parts recalled. The last thing you want...
Author: Penelope Stone

Auto Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

24th February 2010
Law Offices of Davar Danialpour & Associates is dedicated to providing high quality legal service, as well as providing each client with personalized, superior, and result-oriented representation. At the Law Offices of Danialpour & Associates, we are pr...
Author: David D. Danialpour

How to Minimize Risks in Construction Sites

17th July 2009
The construction site is obviously one of the most accident-prone places. The presence of machines, equipment and materials, and the activity of men make it an inherently risky place. In some cases, accidents also occur when harmful chemicals or substance...
Author: Mesriani Law Group

Construction Site Accidents Caused by Unsafe Working Conditions

08th July 2009
Unsafe working conditions continue to plague some construction sites, both locally and internationally, according to many news reports. Though several websites exist that offer construction accident information, construction accidents continue to occur fr...
Author: LegalView