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Essential Proofs to Win a Car Accident Claim

20th April 2010
By saragray in Accident claims
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In every accident claim case, there is a defendant and a claimant. If you are a claimant then you need to prove that you are innocent beyond doubt in order to get compensation for the pain and sufferings you endured. This statement applies to all kinds of claims including car accident claims. If you are a victim of a car accident, you need all the essential evidences that can help you in winning your claim. Here is the list of evidences that can aid you in your goal:

1. The police report - In car accidents, the police should be called immediately. They will attend to get all the necessary details about the accident in order to get to the bottom of it: knowing the guilty individual behind the unfortunate event. They will collect evidences from the accident scene, talk to all the parties involved and take
the statements of witnesses to create a complete and detailed report. So it is vital for you to obtain this particular evidence because it can show that the defendant is indeed the one responsible for the accident. You can obtain this report by going to the officer in charge of the accident case you are involved with.

2. The medical report - The report made by the doctor who attended you is also vital in your car accident claim case. It will show that the accident was indeed the cause of your injuries and will also help in evaluating how much compensation you can expect from the injuries you have suffered. That's why it is really important for you to go to the doctor immediately after the accident for them to assess your injuries and to get the right treatment accordingly.

3. Pictures of the accident scene - Pictures can be material evidence for your claim. So if you have a camera on your phone then don't hesitate to take pictures at the accident scene particularly the damages to your car and the positioning of all the vehicles involved in the car accident.

4. Statement of witnesses - Individuals who saw the accident can give substance to your claim that you were the unfortunate victim of the accident. They have also the power to point the right individual to blame in the case of multiple vehicles. As long as they will be honest in their statements, you will have no doubt that the tides will turn into your favor once their statement will be heard.

5. Other details pertaining to the accident - Aside from the proofs mentioned above, you also need to remember a lot of details about the accident. You need to tell your own version of the event. So if you have the time to spare while you're recuperating from your injuries, take down the things you remembered about the accident such as the time and date when it happened, the road where it took place, the weather and road conditions at the time of accident etc.

If you can get all these evidences, then it's only a matter of time for you to claim and get the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Sometimes it is not up to you to get these evidences especially if you are seriously injured from the accident. So it is advisable that you employ the help of a car accident claims lawyer and they will be responsible in obtaining the above mentioned proofs for your compensation claim.
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