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Things Not to Do While Filing Car Accident Whiplash Claims

01st July 2010
By saragray in Accident claims
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Car accidents occur when one of the drivers broke the law or when one of the drivers was not paying attention on the road while driving. In order to get maximum compensation for car accident whiplash claims the victim has to prove that the other driver was responsible for the accident. This article will elaborate on some things claimants should not do if they want their claims to be accepted and if they want maximum compensation for car accident whiplash claims.

The first thing claimants must not do is to accept that the accident was their fault when the accident was really not their fault. At times after road traffic accidents occur claimants get scared which causes them to confess even though they were really not at fault. While at the accident scene the claimant should keep a clear head and he should get relevant information so that he can file the car accident whiplash claim.

The second thing claimants must not do is to be rude to the police since the police will be filing the road accident report. By asking the police to hurry up or by being generally rude to the police the claimant risks the possibility of making the police enter a negative comment in the report.

The third thing claimants must not do is to rush the insurance company or to expect them to do everything for the claimant. This is applicable when the insurance company is providing details to the claimant file the car accident whiplash claim since by being rude to the insurance representatives or by calling them "you people" the claimant will be asking for trouble. The claimant should remember that insurance companies do only a certain amount of claim related work and if the claimant needs help for whiplash claims then he should hire a solicitor.

The fourth thing claimants must not do is to ask for help from friend and family unless they have legal knowledge. Although friend and relatives may give advice to help the claimant most of the times this advice is incorrect and can do more harm than good. Claimants can opt for free legal advice through solicitors that work in accident settlement companies. These companies offer no win no fee and no obligatory online and offline advice.

The fifth thing claimants must not do is to file the car accident whiplash claim on their own especially if they do not have adequate legal knowledge. Whiplash claims can be extremely tricky and to get maximum compensation claimants should hire a personal injury solicitor at the earliest. The selected personal injury solicitor will guide the claimant and provide him with sound advice. The solicitor will also represent the victim in court and ensure that the claimant does not settle for a compensation amount that is not adequate.
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