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Michigan Car Accidents & PIP Benefits Under The Michigan No Fault Act

16th June 2010
By LBuckfire in Accident claims
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Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance benefits are benefits available to people who have been injured in car accidents. Because PIP benefits are provided by your insurance company in accordance with the Michigan No Fault Act, they are often referred to as No Fault insurance benefits as well.

PIP benefits are available to any insured person who has been injured in a car accident. They are available without regard to fault, which means you can collect PIP benefits whether you caused the accident or whether you were the accident victim. This is another reason they are called "No Fault" benefits.

PIP benefits include the following benefits:

-Medical Bills, Prescription Costs, and Expenses

Payment of lifetime medical expenses, doctor bills, rehabilitation expenses, and prescription expenses for injuries caused or aggravated in a car accident.

-Wage and Income Loss Benefits

Payment of lost wages and income for accident victims who are unable to return to their employment due to injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident. Payable up to three years after the accident and can be received if a person is "temporarily unemployed" or "actively seeking employment."

-Household Chores / Replacement Services

Payment for household chores and assistance performed by a family member or another individual. Includes payment for doing laundry, housecleaning, mowing the lawn, and taking out the garbage. Payable for up to three years after the accident.

-Survivor's Loss Benefits

Payment of benefits, including funeral expenses, lost wages, and others to family members of an individual who dies in a motor vehicle accident.

-Case Management Services

Payment of services for a nurse case manager to assist the accident victim with medical needs, including coordination of care, after a car accident.

-Medical Mileage / Mileage Expense Benefits
Payment for travel expenses to and from medical appointments, hospital visits, and physical therapy appointments.

-Home Modifcations / Home Accommodations

Payment of benefits to have an existing home modified or a new home built to accommodate the social needs of a person seriously injured in an accident.

-Special Transportation and Van Modification

Payment for a van or specially equipped van or vehicle to take the accident victim to and from their medical appointments.

Although some of these benefits have fixed amounts the insurance company will pay, many of them are based on what is reasonable and necessary in light of the accident and your injuries. For example, your insurance company is obligated to pay all reasonable and necessary medical expenses caused by the accident until the injuries heal. This is not the case with household replacement services, which are limited to a maximum of $20 per day for three years after the accident. Even this amount can be substantial, however, since $20/day comes out to over $7000/year for up to three years.


Lawrence J. Buckfire is a Michigan car accident lawyer that represents the rights of individuals who suffer injuries due to an auto accident. He can also help you attain the PIP benefits, or personal injury protection insurance benefits, you are entitled to after being seriously injured under the Michigan No-Fault Act. Call us today at (800) 606-1717 to speak with an experienced Michigan car accident attorney about your case.
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