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The common causes of whiplash.

23rd June 2010
By IanG in Accident claims
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There are a lot of reasons why someone may find themselves suffering from whiplash symptoms. This UK whiplash compensation article focuses on the effects of whiplash to drivers and passengers who have been involved in any type of Road Traffic Accident.

Please note that whiplash can also be caused say in the case of a person shaking a child violently, though most of the whiplash injuries outside of road traffic accidents occur due to participating in sport or sporting event such as :- football, rugby, horse riding & hockey to name a few. Slips, trips or falls are also a cause of whiplash injuries especially in winter with ice on the ground or slippery floors.

It is a fact that a person can suffer a whiplash injury and not even know they have done so at the time. However when it becomes apparent your neck may have exceeded its normal tolerance levels and you start to suffer from the symptoms of whiplash, then it is our advice that you should then seek medical attention.

Whiplash symptoms to look out for are :

* Headaches : which start in the morning and last for hours.
* Stiff Neck : a difficulty in moving your neck, which could be the result of tissue, ligament or muscle damage.
* Tenderness in the neck or back.
* A tingling sensation : which occurs as result of nerve compression in the spinal column.

There are a number of issues that can interfere with a patients recovery from a whiplash injury, the main one being if the patient has any other injuries or health complications. Has the patient suffered from whiplash injuries in a previous Road Traffic Accident, Slip, trip or fall or sports injury? Were they suffering from prior pain that disguises the whiplash injury, such as headaches , back ache or other medical condition with symptoms the same as or similar to whiplash symptoms .
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