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Frequently Asked Questions about Car Accident Compensation

17th June 2010
By saragray in Accident claims
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According to the UK law when a car accident occurs, the driver is allowed to file for compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and damages to his vehicle provided the accident was not at fault. There are many guidelines for filing car accident compensation claims and this article will answer some questions that you may have about filing for compensation.

When Can I file a Road Traffic Accident Claim?
A claimant can file a road traffic accident claim when an error has occurred on the road which resulted in an accident. The error that has occurred should not have been your fault and to file for compensation the other driver should have broken a road safety highway code. The driver who is not at fault should have suffered some injuries or his car should be damaged for him to be eligible to file for compensation. The courts or insurance company will calculate the car accident compensation amount by taking various factors into consideration. The main factors taken into consideration are the type of injury sustained, the severity of the injury and the amount the claimant has spent on treatment.

What Should I do After a Road Traffic Accident Occurs?
The first thing you must do is to contact the police to get a police report. You should then contact the ambulance to get your injuries checked. If you have minor injuries then you can visit a general practitioner but in any case you need a doctor's note to prove that you suffered an injury due to the road accident hence you are filing a car accident compensation claim.

Why Do I Need a Solicitor to File a Road Traffic Accident Claim?
Claimants are advised to hire a solicitor when they are filing a claim since solicitors have the needed legal expertise to prevent errors and to strengthen the claimant's case. In addition, solicitors also represent the claimant in court and they ensure that the claimant gets 100 percent compensation. Since road traffic accidents are considered as personal injury cases, the claimant will need to hire a personal injury lawyer who is certified from the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.

How Much Will I Be Charges For Legal Services?
Majority of the personal injury lawyers in UK do not charge any fees for legal services. These lawyers offer no win no fee service that entitles the claimant to receive free legal advice and legal assistance. Under this service the claimant is exempted from legal fees if he loses the case or even wins the case since the lawyer will collect his fees after he wins the case from the other party which is usually the insurance company. Accident settlement companies usually provide the no win no fee service along with a no obligatory service that entitles claimants to receive free legal advice even if the claimant does not hire the lawyer.
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