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The Easiest Way To Obtain A Dubai Visa

06th December 2010
By SharonStenning097 in Immigration Law
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Sometimes, it proves to be very hard to obtain a Visa for Dubai. Lack of information on what is needed makes the process even harder. I have listed the most necessary procedure of obtaining Dubai Visa and after to do everything listed you will agree with me that it has never been this easy.

The applicant of the Dubai Visa requires you to get two colored passport photos of a certain measurement which is 4.3 by 5.5 inches. The passport photos should be taken within the last six months. In short, do not issue a photo which was taken a long time ago. Making copies of the passport photo is a very important thing to keep in mind and this is due to the fact that the process in lengthy and you might be required to submit a few of them on separate occasions and at different times.

Once you make sure that the photographs and their duplications are in place, the next step is a very crucial one. You are expected to obtain an application form for the Visa. It can only be downloaded from the United Arabs Emirates Immigration department official website.

On the downloaded application form, the applicant is expected to fill in details like date of birth, place of birth his or her citizenship, contact details in duplicate. Then you place a colored passport photo on top of each application form. Please note that the language used on the application form is very simple so as to give the applicant an easy way through the application process.

Be keen to fill in every detail as it gives you a chance to be considered. Spelling mistakes should also be avoided at all costs. You also need to include a clearly written cover letter indicating all your personal information, the reasons as to why you want to visit Dubai.

The amount of time you intend your stay in Dubai must also be specified. One is also expected to get a national passport where a country recognizes that you are indeed a legal citizen of the said country. Do not make a mistake of not signing the application form as this means that it will be rejected as they take it as incomplete information.

Once submitted to the United Arabs Emirates Embassy, it is all up to them to decide if they want to issue a visa to you or not to issue one. They have the authority to do either way depending of the information given or not given. Depending on the mode of sending the application, if you want to send via post then you should acquire a money order for processing the fee charged for the Visa, this means you visit your post office and obtain a return envelope. If you prefer to personally take the application to the United Arabs Emirates you are at liberty to do so.

At this point what is remaining is to send it, be keen to make sure you have included all the necessary documents illustrated above. This is because failure to submit any of them results to automatic rejection which can really frustrate you.

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