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The US Citizenship And Its Long List of Benefits

02nd December 2010
By Jeff Mckee in Immigration Law
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US citizenship and its benefits

There are many destinations around the world to visit but United States definitely tops the list among visitors, tourists and also those aspiring people, who look forward to make their career and settle abroad. This is because the US citizenship serves the individuals with some very special rights, duties, benefits and many privileges. This lengthy list for example includes right to live, right to vote and right to work in the United States. With no doubts, US citizenship definitely allows the individuals to enjoy the federal assistance government services along with.

To understand US citizenship and its benefits in a better way, we should get ourselves familiar with some following mentioned rights that definitely top the list of all the privileges and rights that US citizenship facilitates an individual with:

1. Topping the rights list is the right to live and work in United States: This serves with a no-fear tag among the citizens of United States during their stay and work period in the country. United States consists of two categories, one, who are certainly non-citizens in United States but are definitely the permanent residents, and second, who are citizens as well as permanent residents in the country. Citizens, who are permanent residents (green card holders), definitely enjoy the above mentioned rights. Whereas the case is different for non-citizens of United States, as unlike citizens, they may have the right taken away from them. For example, if the non citizens at any point of time are convicted of any type of serious crime, the chances of their being deport are definitely higher.

2. Right to Vote: Along with all the fifty states of United States, Federal office voting powers of even District of Columbia are limited to their citizens. In any case, not all the citizens can get permit to vote by the states. This can be understood by an example: In United States, the constitution permits states from confining their citizens to vote on the grounds of color, sex, race, previous condition of servitude, non-payment of any tax, or age (for citizens who are at least eighteen years old) etc.

3. Freedom to enter and leave the United States. As the statement itself is reflecting that the US Citizenship Holders has a free right to enter and leave the boundaries of United States at any point of time whenever they feel a need. Obviously, non-citizens in the country are also eligible for this right.

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