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3 Common Mistakes Made by Conditional Green Card Holders

22nd March 2012
3 Common Mistakes Make by Conditional Green Card Holders 1: Waiting too long to apply for US Citizenship It is possible to apply for U.S. citizenship when the joint petition or waiver to remove the condition on your green card is still not decided i...
Author: Heather Poole, Esq.
Immigration Law

How To Apply for a Fiancee Visa

17th January 2012
If you are a US citizen, you can bring your foreign national fiance(e) to the US in order to get married. Your fiance(e) will need a K-1 visa, or fiance(e) visa. Your marriage must occur within ninety (90) days of your fiance(e)s entry into the US. Your ...
Author: michaelwalker
Immigration Law

The Best Approach When Applying for Australian Spouse Visas

04th November 2011
Globalization and migration have steadily grown over the previous decades. One of the most popular countries in the world where people are enjoying the benefits of migration is Australia. Once a penal colony and the last place on Earth that someone from t...
Author: markacesmith

How to Apply for a Tax Settlement

23rd September 2011
Applying for a tax settlement is not something that many people are familiar with. In fact, you may be downright confused on how you can settle your debt. Although there are many ways to apply for tax settlement, some just dont know where to get started....
Author: Sally Pratt
Immigration Law

Getting a Green Card For Child

22nd August 2011
One of the many advantages of being a US citizen is that you can sponsor your loved ones for a green card to come and live with you in the US. As a US citizen, you may petition your spouse, parents and children for the green card status. Whereas, if you...
Author: Paul Anderson
Immigration Law

Scoring Guidelines for US Citizenship test

10th August 2011
The US citizenship test is the final step in the process of the citizenship application process. An applicant has to clear this test once his/her application gets through. Though it is an easy task, there are applicants who fail in the citizenship test. I...
Author: Jessica Potter
Immigration Law

K1 Fiance Visa Start Your Life With Loved Ones With K1 Visa

25th July 2011
If you are a U.S citizen looking to marry your foreign fiance(e) in the United States, you will need to apply for a K1 visa. K1 visa, also known as the fiance visa, allows your fiance(e) to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage. The visa is ...
Author: Chuck Stark
Immigration Law

Getting a Green Card Through Lottery

10th June 2011
Many would say that the best way to secure a Green card is through your employer if you're employed in America, or in case you are being petitioned by a member of the family who's already a naturalized citizen in America. But what if you've never set foot...
Author: andrewyast
Immigration Law

Immigration Attorney's Way Of Assisting

05th April 2011
Not only does an individual require an immigration attorney. All companies, small or multi-nationals also require an assistance of a legal authority when it comes to hiring aliens. The United States, even a country famous for its being "open" to around on...
Author: jare4g3nri
Immigration Law

What Does the INS Do?

16th March 2011
The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (formerly the INS) is the government agency that takes care of the entire immigration process in the US. If you are applying to legally stay in the US, certain immigration forms/petitions have to be filed e...
Author: Paul Anderson
Immigration Law

New Zealand is World Renowned as Safest and Friendliest

15th March 2011
The Skilled Migrant route is a way to help New Zealand to fill their employment needs. Applicants are selected based upon the value they can add to the New Zealand economy and labour force. This the category that most immigrants to New Zealand qualify und...
Author: Robet morkal
Immigration Law

How to Migrate to the US From Canada

07th March 2011
When learning how to migrate to the US from Canada, find out what documents are necessary. The application process for immigrating to the US can be a very difficult task for anyone. Submitting the proper documents is a fairly easy task for someone that...
Author: Canadian Immigration
Immigration Law

Guidance from California Immigration Attorney

07th March 2011
Get a Visa Easily with California Immigration AttorneyA California immigration attorney is a boon for folks contemplating transferring abroad or to the U.S. A single of the most crucial factors for receiving your visa authorized right here is ideal appli...
Author: Emerson Cleveland
Immigration Law

New Bill in Congress to Replace the DV Lottery with a New Employment-Based Green Card Category

23rd February 2011
The new House Oversight Committee Chair, Rep. Darryl Issa (R-CA), has introduced bill H.R. 43 on January 5, 2011 that proposes to replace the Green Card or DV Lottery with a new Employment-Based Green Card category. In the past, opponents of the lottery s...
Author: yzriel
Immigration Law

Why the UKBA's first

15th February 2011
There has been a series of challenges to the lawfulness of the Government's Points Based System since the Court of Appeal's judgment in Secretary of State for the Home Department v Pankina (2010) EWCA Civ 719, (2010) 3 WLR 1526 which came out in June of 2...
Author: Gherson
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