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Business visa Canada

02nd December 2010
By Jamie Hanson in Immigration Law
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Under the Canadian Immigration Investor category, Business people along with their families are allowed to immigrate to Canada as prospective investors within 16 months. This specific immigration law allows business people to obtain an Immigrant Visa which is permanent and provides them with permanent resident status. This status can culminate in Canadian citizenship and a Canadian passport. Unlike other countries' immigration laws, Canadian immigration law does not have quotas per country. Furthermore, the businessmen can be from any country irrespective of age, language or education.

For qualified Managers and Business people, investor immigration to Canada is the easiest solution at present. However, to become eligible you have to meet certain criteria:

1. For the enterpreneur program where the business person has to start a business in Canada and create a few jobs for Canadian residents, they should have $300 000 CAD in assets. For the investor program, the investor should have assets of $1 600 000 in Canadian currency or equivalent capital in their business operation, as a Manager or as an Employee.

2. The person intending to immigrate should have been running a business for a minimum of the last two years, or they should have been the owner of the business. Additionally, Managers they should have similar experience as an employee of a company.

3. He or she should make an investment in Canada or Quebec for $800 000 Canadian currency for five years. One very popular alternate option is to prepay the $200 000 interest of the loan so that the bank lends the $800 000 directly to the government.

The investment of $800 000 Canadian currency is assured by the Government of Canada or Quebec. A certain portion of the interest is used for the expenses of lawyers, brokers, banks and consultants assisting in the process of immigration. A major portion is held by local corporations as grants. This contribution helps in the development of the Canadian economy and improves job opportunitys in the region.

The Canadian business visa is for Immigrant investors, entrepreneurs and self employed people. It is useful to have the help of an immigration professional to ensure an easy entry to the country. They will provide you with a candid, honest opinion. Castle and Co is a professional company that takes care of immigrant visas for its clients. This professional company is known to keep the information provided by its clients in the strict confidence.

If you meet all of the specified criteria, Citizenship and Immigration Canada authorities will contact you and guide you on the investment prospects in the country. Once the payment for investment is received, other processes are required for permanent residence. It is pertinent that once you invest in Canada, the government provide you and your family with permanent residence status. Castle and Co is a very professional company that will represent you to get a Canadian permanent residence visa.

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