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How to Enter the Trucking Industry through Truck Driving Jobs

29th October 2010
By truckguy in Employment Law
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Truck driving jobs may sound simple but in reality, these jobs are serious jobs and it takes more than just driving skills in order to fulfill the roles effectively. Most jobs would require specific skills and a diploma from a university or college. It is a little different with trucking jobs. A highly qualified truck driver has a great and disciplined personality and flexible with varying situations. If he is really into trucking, the difference between him and workers from other fields is that he is doing a job that he would have done for free because he is enjoying it.

Getting a job from the trucking industry is easy and at the same time tricky. It depends on your qualification and capabilities. These jobs don’t require any age limits or gender. Yes there are women who are also truck drivers. Most of them go in teams which is actually effective ironically. With a team going out, they can switch in between trips in order to perform a 24 hour delivery operation. This has been proven beneficial to both drivers and the trucking company because delays and accidents can be lessened since there are more than one driver that you can rely on.

Age limits when it comes to truck driving jobs greatly depend on the allowable age that the insurance companies cover. You can’t possibly enter into a commercial driving job without insurance and so as long as you don’t get one, then you may need to wait few more years before entering the trucking industry. Most insurance companies only cover people who are more than 23 years old. This means that for you to drive from one state to another, you must have reached the age of 23. This offers much time for you to prepare and get experience.

Another thing that you need to consider is the upgrade of your driver’s license. If you are used to driving small vehicles, then your license might not work with the trucking industry. You will need to apply and pass for CDL or commercial driver’s license. Written exams has to be taken for this application and so you will need you knowledge and experience when it comes to heavy vehicles, road and traffic rules and signs, state regulations, and other terminologies. This can be tough sometimes. A great way for you to pass this application is to get the help of a driving school.

Now if you passed all of those requirements, it is now time to show what you've got to your prospective employer. You are going to display your skills and pass certain exams which are pretty easy if you are the right person for the job. Considering candidates for truck driving jobs is an important task because lives may depend on it. The wrong person might just cause trouble and accidents on actual operations. So if you think you can meet all of these requirements, then welcome to the trucking industry where you can earn a lot while learning and enjoying.
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