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Immigration Law

understanding the 214(b) visa denial

04th October 2011
The US is attractive not only for immigrants but also for tourists as well. The different States have various tourist destinations, waiting to be explored. If you plan to visit the US, make sure that you acquire a US visa. All foreign nationals will need ...
Author: Ben Singkol

Factors Why You need to Have Tax Preparation Software

27th July 2011
Tax preparation software system is becoming more and more common nowadays. As a consequence, paid tax preparers are charging much more than the typical and their rate are becoming far more expensive. Which is why a great deal of people are now in search f...
Author: Donald Petersen
Business Law

Strategies For Success With A Wholesale Supplier

08th June 2011
It is a misconception that a good wholesale supplier can significantly influence the future of your business. This does not undermine the need of a good wholesaler. On the other hand, this reduces the “I am not responsible” for what happens tendency. Most...
Author: markwaugh28
Business Law

Ebay Sources—A Look At Your Options

23rd May 2011
To excel in any business, one must understand its supply chain. While supply chain may seem like complicated management jargon, in reality, it is nothing but understanding the people and processes involved. And when it comes to selling on eBay, only the r...
Author: markwaugh28
Personal Injury

What to Do to Win a Court Case

18th May 2011
There are some cases where the accused party is left unpunished because of excellently engineered lies. These people are the ones who resort to below-the-belt methods just to win the trial. The offended suffers from injustice due to these individuals. Mor...
Author: stephenschaunt
Bankruptcy Law

How a Mortgage Lawyer Can Help You Prepare for Bankruptcy

07th May 2011
Every business should have it. For some reason, business owner try to avoid it. But it's always a good thing to have. What exactly is it? A bankruptcy plan. Of course no business wishes to get to that point, but once the situation demands it, then avoidin...
Author: Mark Etinger
Immigration Law

A great deal Ado About the Identify "Baals" in Indiana

01st March 2011
Indiana would seem to be generating particularly a several alterations to a number of of her laws. The question "What's in a name?" has a large number of connotations in Indiana. If you have a title like Hernandez or anything at all else that displays you...
Author: Terry Wong
Immigration Law

Physician under investigation following firing a federally sponsored foreign doctor

15th February 2011
LAS VEGAS, Nevada - Dr. Rachakonda Prabhu is under investigation by the Nevada State Well being Division for allegedly harassing and firing a foreign doctor.Dr. Prabhu hired Dr. George Baramidze, a kidney specialist, in a North Las Vegas clinic under a fe...
Author: Marco Bowers

Advantages of a national brand name registration certificate

04th January 2011
In the USA the trade mark legal rights can be made through adoption of the brand name. What it means is the instant you start using the mark, you get so-called "common law" legal rights. Wonderful news is - you are a mark holder! After I break down it to ...
Author: Ownyourtrademark
Employment Law

A Compromise Agreement Can Cool Things Down

10th November 2010
So one of your employees is leaving and not on good terms. You're a bit worried that you might end up facing them at an Employment Tribunal, but then you hear about a possible amicable solution - a compromise agreement... A compromise agreement is one ...
Author: Tim Bishop

Is Fear Keeping You In An Abusive Marriage? How You Can Escape

29th September 2010
Is Fear Keeping You In An Abusive Marriage? How You Can Escape I was recently taking in a horror movie with my son when he suddenly made an amazing remark, “It’s not so scary anymore, because we’ve seen the killer.” How true that statement is in every ...
Author: Johnfox

Making the Decision to Divorce

29th September 2010
Making the Decision to Divorce Making the Decision to Divorce--Why Planning and Preparation are Essential to Your Financial Future Cathi Adams © All Rights Reserved Do you believe in "Happily ever after" or "Until Death Do Us Part?" From th...
Author: Johnfox
Lemon Law

5 New Tips for Filing an Effective Lemon Law Case

27th August 2010
If you are thinking about filing a lawsuit under your state's lemon law, it is necessary that you have a vehicle that falls into the category of a lemon. Generally, this can be classified as any vehicle with mechanical problems that causes an excess loss ...
Author: stevelasik
Medical Malpractice

Couple Pursue Legal Claim Against Doctor Who Postponed Detection Of Man's Prostate Cancer

07th July 2010
This year approximately fourteen percent of the 193,000 adult men identified as having prostate cancer will already have advanced prostate cancer by the time the cancer is detected. With screening, including digital examinations and PSA blood tests, many ...
Author: J. Hernandez
Medical Malpractice

Male Diagnosed With State 4 After Doctor Ignored Abnormal Test Results

07th July 2010
This year roughly fourteen percent of the 193,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer will already have advanced prostate cancer by the time the cancer is detected. With routine testing before the onset of symptoms, including digital examinations and PSA b...
Author: J. Hernandez
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