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Real Estate Law

Finding a Good Broker Takes Work

21st February 2012
You can sell your house without a broker — and save yourself a ton of money in the process. But there are times when going it alone just doesn’t make sense. You may need to sell fast, or simply not have the time to devote to selling your house yourself. I...
Author: Ankan
Real Estate Law

Minneapolis Real Estate

12th September 2011
Now a days to a greater extent people are trading in Minneapolis real estate for the reason that it is relatively low in price comparatively to other popular areas, Minneapolis is popular because it is incorporated with immense education conveniences and ...
Author: jerryclifford
Real Estate Law

Foreclosed Home Sales Increased to 5.36 Million

19th May 2011
The real estate scenario is in a worrisome state. Foreclosures are high. In January, many people bought homes that had been occupied by others earlier. Investors are making all cash purchases. The number of buyers who bought homes for the first time...
Author: karen
Real Estate Law

Things you must consider before buying new home.

01st September 2010
Looking for a home? Invest wisely as it is one of the most crucial decisions. Everybody wants a home with access to great facilities and other factors like people, climate, school and othereducational institutes, vacation destinations, market, transport, ...
Author: morkel

What is this FSBO thing all about anyway

06th January 2010
Selling "For Sale by Owner"(FSBO) isn't much different from listing a home with a conventional realtor. In fact, real estate agents routinely show FSBO homes to future home buyers. The difference is that FSBO sellers take over the job of the listing...
Author: NSRE813