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What is this FSBO thing all about anyway

06th January 2010
By NSRE813 in Taxes
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Selling "For Sale by Owner"(FSBO) isn't much different from listing a home with a conventional realtor. In fact, real estate agents routinely show FSBO homes to future home buyers.

The difference is that FSBO sellers take over the job of the listing agent. Lots of of them hire experts to appraise, stage, photograph, design flyers, and help them with the paperwork. By overseeing the marketing of their own properties, they think they will get much more bang for their selling dollar.

Does marketing FSBO succeed? A study by a pair of Northwestern University economists discovered that FSBO sellers in Madison, Wisconsin, got roughly the same price for their real estate as agent- assisted sellers, giving them "a considerably improved net sale price. " An additional clue has been given in the 2005 study of US sellers by the National Association of Realtors. The study discovered that FSBO sellers described the highest amount of fulfillment with the selling process, with 80% "exceedingly satisfied" and merely 3% "very dissatisfied. " Of people who sold their properties by means of a real estate agent/broker, only 65% were "very satisfied" while 5% were "very dissatisfied. "

Motives to sell FSBO

More Control
Hands on Approach
You'll probably save money

FSBO blogs sometimes state that you can pocket the whole real estate commission by selling your property yourself. Sadly, that's typically not accurate. Real estate commissions are normally 5- 6% of the sales price of a home. Of this, half normally goes to the listing agent(who represents the seller and markets the property) and half to the selling or buyer's agent(who shows the property to buyers and writes up offers) .

We recommend that you offer a 2% - 3% commission to buyers' agents, but this is only a recommendation. This option can greatly enhance the number of potential buyers exposed to your home, particularly if your house does not get a huge amount of random drive- by traffic.

Selling FSBO gives you more options

Once you've signed a contract with a listing agent, your opportunities become severely limited. It may be difficult for you to change agents(most buyers meet their listing agent only once before signing a long- term contract with them- take into consideration that) , or take it off the market. Also, if you find a buyer by yourself, your listing agent is most likely still entitled to the buyer's agent's commission.

Selling FSBO makes it easy for buyers to make offers without an agent

If you list your home, buyers usually need to go through licensed agents to make an offer. If you sell FSBO, buyers can get in touch with you directly to make offers, and pocket the buyer's agent's commission themselves. Many buyers seek out FSBO homes for this reason.

You'll likely get better services if you buy them al la carte

Ever notice that classifieds for$ 8 trinkets on eBay often have better photographs and descriptions than ads for$ 800, 000 homes on the MLS? Once a listing agreement is signed, listing agents have little incentive to spend money on marketing. Especially if the house will truly sell itself. If your home is at or above the standards of the neighborhood, your marketing may be somewhat easy- professional photos, a virtual tour, a nice sign and information in the yard, newspaper ads, and placement on a FSBO web site. These services can usually be purchased for under$ 500. That's a big chunk of money for a real estate agent to spend out- of- pocket after they already have a listing contract. It's not much money, though, for a homeowner's total marketing bill for a home.

Homes sometimes sell quickly

Even if you plan ultimately to list your property with an agent, it's an excellent idea to try selling it FSBO for several weeks, or even months, if you are not in a hurry. Sellers sometimes find that their properties sell easily soon after they're listed, which leads them to wonder if they could have sold them without the expensive commissions. If you plan on using the FSBO- route as a toe- dip to gauge interest, make certain that it is possible to use the professional photographs and virtual tour if you decide to list with an agent.

If your ready to sell your home by yourself, arm yourself with the best possible tools to do just that. NextStepFSBO can help. Contact us today! ! ! Tyler- (251) 605. 2934

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