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Medical Malpractice

Treatment for Fibromyalgia, Fibromyalgia Disabilities, Treatment for Pain.

22nd September 2010
Fibromyalgia produces widespread pain from head to toe and makes you feel tired. Tender points most commonly occur in the back, neck, shoulders, lower back, hands, hips, and knees. It is also characterized by restless sleep, depression and disturbances. A...
Author: Adam
Personal Injury

Things to Remember If You Have Sustained Work Related Injuries

05th July 2010
There are various misconceptions regarding work related claims and most people believe that they can file work related claims only if they sustain certain kinds of work related injuries. The truth is that if employees suffer any kind of personal injury th...
Author: Lindsay Nolan
Personal Injury

Personal Injury Lawyers and Representatives

10th May 2010
Most people know that a visit to a hospital is generally going to cost you money, but what if the reason you need to visit a hospital is not your fault, yet you end up with a big medical bill which you have to pay? None of us would ever wish to experie...
Author: Nicky Bullimore
Personal Injury

What Factors Determine Your Pain and Suffering Award?

08th April 2010
Have you been in an accident or are you currently the plaintiff who has filed a personal injury claim? Are you involved in a lawsuit where your attorney is trying to get the court to award you with a pain and suffering award as part of the compensation y...
Author: Wendy Moyer
Personal Injury

Avoiding Back Injuries

08th February 2010
Back injuries are among the most common of all home and work related injuries. They also account for more time off work than almost any other personal injury. From lumbago, to a slipped disc, to broken vertebrae backs are very susceptible to injury. Becau...
Author: SmithSEO
Personal Injury

Simple Tips in Claiming Compensation for Back Injury at Work

26th November 2009
Each injury you go through at work which resulted not because of your own actions should be accounted for and the liable party should be brought to justice. Compensation generally occurs as a must in these situations, but are you aware of the simple proce...
Author: saragray

How to avoid accidents at work

17th March 2009
Nobody wants to become injured or hurt at work or at home, but the fact is that accidents can happen anywhere and to anyone. So how can you avoid yourself, or others becoming injured? The truth is you can't. People who become victims of accidents can fall...
Author: Robert Palmer