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Things to Remember If You Have Sustained Work Related Injuries

05th July 2010
By Lindsay Nolan in Personal Injury
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There are various misconceptions regarding work related claims and most people believe that they can file work related claims only if they sustain certain kinds of work related injuries. The truth is that if employees suffer any kind of personal injury then they are eligible to file for compensation. This article will elaborate on other things claimants should remember if they want to file work accident claims.

Employees are allowed to file for compensation if they have work related injuries provided that the injuries occurred due to no fault of their own. Claimants should be able to prove that the accident at work occurred due to the negligence of the employer. If the accident at work occurred partly due to the fault of the claimant then he will still get compensation but a part of the compensation amount will be deducted since the employer was not completely to blame.

An instance of a work related injury that occurred partly due to the fault of the employee is if the employees had been warned that a chair is not suitable for usage but due to a genuine mistake the employee used the chair since it was in the work area. In this case the employer will be liable to pay for compensation since he did not put away the defective chair and as a result the employee suffered a personal injury.

Claimants should remember that all work related injuries are not treated equally and the compensation amount will depend on the type of injury sustained. If the claimant has suffered a back injury then he will get a higher compensation amount compared to bruises or simple wounds. As a general rule claimants that suffer from permanent injuries such as back injuries are given more compensation compared to temporary injuries that will heal in a given period of time.

Employees are also eligible to get compensation if they suffer from work related ailments due to working in a hazardous environment. By the UK law employers are not allowed to wave off compensation by merely declaring to employees that there are certain hazards attached to working in a particular place. The type of ailment and the severity of the claimant the claimant suffers from will determine the amount of compensation the claimant is eligible for.

Since most employers try to settle for the least compensation amount, claimants are advised to opt for solicitors while filing for work related injuries. Claimants should also hire a personal injury solicitor if they are trying to get compensation for lost wages or for any pain or suffering sustained due to injuries or work related ailments.
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