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How to avoid accidents at work

17th March 2009
By Robert Palmer in Legal
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Nobody wants to become injured or hurt at work or at home, but the fact is that accidents can happen anywhere and to anyone. So how can you avoid yourself, or others becoming injured? The truth is you can't. People who become victims of accidents can fall in to two categories: Those who cause the accident and those who suffer from the accidents. By reducing the risk of any possible accidents and taking responsible steps for your actions, this will help limit injures incurred by yourself and others.

What can you do that will reduce your chances of becoming injured at work for example?

1. Take responsibility for your own health and safety - leaving this up to someone else is foolish as you are the only one who is continuously aware of your own actions.

2. Try and avoid wearing loose clothing or jewellery if operating machinery - this is something that you may have been taught at school and is a good thing to practice as it could result in avoiding a fatal accident.

3. In conjunction with your employer ensure that you get all of the correct training that you need to safely complete your job - a lot of companies do provide in house training and explain the health and safety policies that must be followed at all times.

4. Take sufficient steps to avoid putting other people, as well as yourself at risk by what you do or don't do whilst working - It is a good idea to always thing about any possible implications that might occur when undertaking a job.

5. Keep long hair tied back and out of the way - this not only applies to people working with machinery but food as well, as this will reduce the risk of food becoming contaminated with your hair.

6. Inform your employer if you have injured yourself or have something that might prevent you from doing your job properly - this may be a back injury that you have picked up whilst sneezing in the shower or you may have become pregnant so it is advisable to let your employer know as soon as possible.

7. Detail any injuries, illnesses or strains that you might have incurred to your employer as soon as they happen - this will help highlight any problem areas that will need to be re-accessed as to prevent them happening again in the future.

8. Do not interfere with anything that has been provided for your health and safety - by incorrectly using the equipment you don't allow yourself to be properly protected.

9. Refrain from misusing the equipment in the correct manor - it is important to use the tools and equipment only as instructed or this can increase you chance of an injury.

10. Inform your employer if you are required to take any medication that could prevent you from doing your job correctly - this is common when using heavy machinery as using such things under medication will put you and those around you at risk of an accident.

These basic advice tips will help you reduce the amount of possible injuries that could occur in your work place. People today will not think twice of applying for a Accident Injury Claim against if you become negligent toward their safety. There are many more ways to avoid accidents, but with all advice you are the one that needs to make sure that you behave and work responsibly with the safety of yourself and those around you in mind at all times. By following these simple steps then you will be able to reduce the risk of Accident Compensation Claims.


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