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Business Law

Trademark Registration - Legal exclusivity is only obtained by trademark registration

22nd August 2011
Today, trademark registration has great importance in the legal world in preventing other traders from using same or identical trademarks. How to register a trademark and how to file a trademark application in India can not be possible without the assista...
Author: goyalchaman
Real Estate Law

Things that would help you establish your real estate business

20th June 2011
Before entering into the business of real estate you need to understand the basic principles of this world that govern every sphere whether it is related to construction of a new house, sale or resale of already constructed house or hiring property on lea...
Author: realpanam

Oklahoma City Divorce - The Prenuptial Agreement

06th June 2011
There is a lot of talk these days about how divorce attorneys, through the overuse of prenuptial agreements, have diluted the act of marriage into being a routine business transaction between two parties. Personally speaking, I am opposed to prenups. Ca...
Author: matthewingham
Business Law

Canvas Rolls: Some Key Aspects

18th February 2011
Canvas rolls play a very important part when it comes to canvas designing. Experts believe that stretched canvas frames, canvas stretcher bars and canvas rolls are important triangle corners of any great canvas art. Hence, it becomes very important that y...
Author: picturemaster
Immigration Law

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds�s Rift could possibly be Bridged

13th January 2011
The drop dead gorgeous Scarlett Johansson and the enigmatic and humorous Ryan Reynolds broke a lot of hearts when they made the decision to call it quits in their marriage. They also opened up some hopes for other achievable suitors. The finish of a celeb...
Author: Warren Brown

Defamation of Character Online

17th December 2010
The concept of defamation is new and vague. More importantly the effects of defamation are not always fully understood. Defamation is very plainly defined as: "the intentional and wrongful publication and communication of words or behavior to a third p...
Author: Niselow Attorneys
Business Law

Is your terms and conditions are not incorporated?

22nd November 2010
Business Terms and Conditions Setting terms and conditions in any business are very crucial for an indelible relation. This article highlights the importance of proper terms and conditions in business. Business Terms and Conditions A business contrac...
Author: Robert Mark
Copyright & Trademark

What every business should know about trademarks

28th September 2010
The consistent use of a name is very important in establishing a reputation. Once a reputation is established, brand value is generated in the business name. If you have filed a patent or established a business, or developed names for product lines, the ...
Author: Shireen Smith
Business Law

Why We Need a Registered Trademark?

18th May 2010
Trademark protection is something that every entrepreneur should be aware of, because trademark registration can play a vital role in the process of establishing a brand name. A trademark refers to a logo, symbol, name or other device that identifies a...
Copyright & Trademark

International Brand Registration & Protection

29th April 2010
Generally, Brand refers to the trade mark used to distinguish the goods or services among the consumers. The business group sells their services or goods under the specified name or brand that is called trade mark. Therefore, the brand is registered in or...
Author: Mrs. Geeta Dalal


18th March 2010
The term Geographical Indications refers to the specific link between the goods and place of production evolved, i.e. identification of a product that may be associated with a. The basis concept behind the recognition of Geographical Indications as an Int...
Author: Dr. Javed Hasan

Protecting Goodwill and Reputation of a Business in the UK: The Law of Passing Off

16th July 2008
Introduction An action for passing off is made out when a person makes a misrepresentation which is calculated to deceive and cause damage to the business or goodwill of the other person, and that other person has accumulated goodwill in respect to the...
Author: Leigh Ellis

Trademark Infringement: The Basics

25th May 2007
A trademark is an identifier-a "word, name, symbol, device," or some combination thereof-that informs consumers of the source of particular goods, distinguishing one merchant's goods from those manufactured or sold by another. 15 U.S.C. Section 1127. It m...
Author: Author Unknown