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Niselow Attorneys
Member Since: 02nd December 2010
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About Me: SNA’s team of dedicated professionals is directed by Sam Niselow and Wesley Soutter who, pursuant to practising at a leading South African commercial firm, established SNA Attorneys which specialises in the fields of divorce, family, corporate and commercial law.

SNA Attorneys is a Woodmead, Sandton based law firm which specialises in a variety of legal disciplines.

We are committed to making the law more accessible and user-friendly to both individuals and corporate clients.

Thanks to our niche areas of specialization we are able to service clients both large and small within an atmosphere of mutual understanding, professionalism, trust and respect.

Our focus is always on developing a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and on how best to meet those needs in the most cost-effective and expeditious manner.

SNA Attorneys services a large National and International Family Law, Divorce Law, Corporate and Commercial Law client base.


Drinking and Driving in South Africa

17th December 2010
Drinking and driving has been described as "a national pastime" in South Africa. Contrary to this possibly humorous remark is the stark reality and consequences of drinking and driving on South African roads. In terms of legislation, the offence of dru...

Defamation of Character Online

17th December 2010
The concept of defamation is new and vague. More importantly the effects of defamation are not always fully understood. Defamation is very plainly defined as: "the intentional and wrongful publication and communication of words or behavior to a third p...